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Hach Lange SC200 Universal Controller

The SC200 controller by Hach Lange allows analog sensors and the use of digital, either in combination or alone, to provide compatibility and maximum versatility with Hach's broad range of sensors.

This thereby eliminates the need for dedicated and parameter-specific controllers.

Easy to use this large, high-resolution, trans reflective display provides optimal viewing resolution in any lighting condition ensuring accurate results. Guided calibration procedures in 19 languages minimize the complexity and reduces operator error. The password protected SD card reader is a simple yet effective solution for data download and transfer and its visual warning system provides critical alerts.

With its wide variety of communication options utilizing two to five analog output it transmits primary and secondary values for each sensor or the integrated Hach sensors and analyzers into MODBUS RS232/RS485, Profibus® DP, and HART networks.

Hach Lange SC200 Universal Controller

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

SC200 for Hach Digital and Analog Sensors

LXV404.99.00552 SC200 controller, 2 channels, digital
LXV404.99.00502 SC200 controller, 1 channel, digital
LXV404.99.00102 SC200 controller, 1 channel, pH/DO
LXV404.99.00202 SC200 controller, 1 channel, Conductivity
LXV404.99.01552 SC200 controller, 2 channels, digital, Modbus RS232/RS485
LXV404.99.00112 SC200 controller, 2 channel, pH/DO

SC200 for Ultrapure Sensors

9500.99.00602 SC200 controller, 1 channel, ultrapure conductivity
9500.99.00702 SC200 controller, 1 channel, ultrapure pH
9500.99.00662 SC200 controller, 2 channel, ultrapure conductivity
9500.99.00772 SC200 controller, 2 channel, ultrapure pH

Sensor and Communication Modules

9012900 Analog pH/ORP and DO module for GLI Sensors
9013000 Analog Conductivity module for GLI Sensors
9012700 Flow module
9012800 4-20 mA Input Module
9525700 Analog pH/ORP Module for Polymetron Sensors
9525800 Analog Conductivity Module for Polymetron Sensors
9013200 Modbus 232/485 Module
9173900 Profibus DP Module
9328100 HART Module
9334600 4-20 mA Output Module (Provides 3 additional mA Outputs)


9220600 SC200 Weather and Sun Shield with UV Protection Screen
8809200 SC200 UV Protection Screen
9218200 SD card reader (USB) for connection to PC
9218100 4 GB SD card

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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