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Hach Lange SpectroColor Portable Spectrophotometer

SpectroColor puts an end to subjective visual colour assessment.

Different illuminants make us perceive colours differently; therefore it is impossible to use "perception" in sensitive production processes.

For such tasks, user-friendly SpectroColor with its practical design was developed.

A portable spectrophotometer, suitable for applications such as plastics, automotive, coatings, chemical and food industries.

SpectroColor is a spectral system, using the most common international viewing geometry of d/8° (circular) and of course, detection of metamerism.

SpectroColor is a step forward and sets a new limit for high safety, unique ease of operation and value for money.


Each and every field of application - solid, liquid, pastes or powders - is covered with the help of wellconceived accessories.

Permanent contact with the real world helped us to find the best solutions for all applications.

The cuvettes are ideal to handle granulates and pastes.

The patented powder press facilitates precision measurement of powders.

The stabilising device is helpful for cuvette and other series measurements in the lab.

Greater ease of handling

  Turn on and measure
  Measuring buttons for right- and lefthand users

Gloss assessment

  Spin and spex
  Numeric gloss subtraction

Dr. Lange's automatic safety system

  Time controlled calibration reminder
  Certified and retraceable test media control available for self checks acc. to DIN/ISO and GLP

Graphics display

  Clear presentation of results, spectra and values
  Clear user prompting, with only 3 softkeys in 6 different languages

Flash ROM technology

  Always up to date
  New functions downloadable via PC interface

Data memory for customized management

  Memory location with retrievable spectral data, sample name, time and date
  Individual assignment to reference and/or sample memory for better flexibility

Documentation conforming to GLP

  Date, time
  Instrument and calibration data
  Identification of sample and corresponding readings
  User identification

SpectroColor PC software

  For challenging lab requirements using Windows 98/2000

Bar code reader

The optional bar code reader makes sample management and assignment an easy task.

Simple assignment of reference data e.g. location, sample identification, user identification etc. ensures correct evaluation of the measured data.

Software spectral-QC

State-of-the-art data processing under operating systems Windows 98/2000. More than two decades of development and expertise are combined in this software package and allow for easy and intuitive handling.

Important functions:

  Direct comparison of reference <-> sample
  Individual sample identification with time and date
  Measurement list in tables, easy to edit, with statistical and graphical evaluation
  Lab and tolerance diagrams
  Colour sorting
  Standard illuminants and standard observers
  Bidirectional data interchange between SpectroColor and software
  Generation of bar code labels for bar code reader
  Pass/fail evaluation
  Data base software for recipe management
  Direct data transfer to spread-sheet analysis

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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