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Jenway 4150 Conductivity/TDS Meter

Please note - this product is now obsolete. Please click here for the current models.

  Totally waterproof system rated to IP67
  Results displayed in Conductivity units or TDS
  Data logging - up to 100 entries
  Automatic standard recognition
  User selectable temperature coefficient
  100 hours operation with auto shut down
  Menu driven operation

The Model 4150 Conductivity/TDS Meter is designed and constructed to resist the harshest of field, laboratory and industrial environments. The whole system is waterproof to IP67, and if dropped into water will float. These products are ideal for on-site water quality measurement in a multitude of customer applications.

The 4150 is supplied with a robust, solid epoxy sensor which eliminates the risk of probe damage during use. This standard sensor has a nominal cell constant of 1.00. The meter also enables the digital selection of cell constant values between 0.015 and 19.99 to facilitate the use of the wide range of cell options offered. The assigned cell constant values can be checked and updated by the use of standard solutions.

In addition, the 4150 is configured to automatically recognise 3 common conductivity values across the measuring range (10µS, 1413µS and 12.88mS). Results can also be displayed in TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) using an in-built conversion factor of 0.66.

The reference temperature is selectable to be 18, 20 or 25°C, and the temperature coefficient can be digitally set to any value between 0 and 4.00%/°C (with a default value to 1.90%/°C, a value which is acceptable in many analytical situations)

High quality waterproof connectors (to IP67) allow rapid interchangeability of electrodes, whilst maintaining waterproof integrity. The connector incorporates a locking ring to guard against accidental disconnection or ingress of moisture.

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Data Sheet

Ordering Information

553 001 - Model 4150 Premier waterproof (IP67) Conductivity meter supplied with epoxy cell K=1 (027 233), batteries and operating instructions

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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