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Jenway 9500 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

  % or oxygen concentration display modes
  Full support for B.O.D. 5-day test
  Security code protected user data
  Calibration data status display
  Calibration reminder
  Reading memory - 250 results plus 20 B.O.D. tests (up to 10 samples per test)
  Comprehensive data logging options
  Alarm outputs (open collector and audible)

The Model 9500 is a fully specified dissolved oxygen meter that includes full support for the B.O.D 5-day test protocol.

Powerful data logging capabilities are included with the ability to store up to 250 results plus 20 B.O.D. tests (up to 10 samples per test) either manually, at timed intervals or alarmed events.

Remote monitoring and data collection is facilitated by the provision of both analogue and digital outputs and in the event of power removal all user defined parameters are retained.

Data Sheet

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Ordering Information

950 001 - Model 9500 DO2 meter with graphics display and ranges for %, mg/l and BOD5. Supplied with DO2 probe with ATC (522 023B), electrode holder, spare membranes, KCl fill solution, zero calibration salts, adapter bush, UK power supply and operating instructions.

950 101 - Model 9500 DO2 meter supplied as above with US power supply

950 201 - Model 9500 DO2 meter supplied as above with European power supply

950 301 - Model 9500 DO2 meter supplied with 230V leaded power supply

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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