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Jenway 6315 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer

Please note - this product is now obsolete. Please click here for the current models.

  Scanning UV/Visible spectrophotometer
  Scans in the range of 1998 to 1000nm
  Uses pulsed xenon lamp
  200 method memory
  Quantitation using up to 6 standards

The new Jenway Model 6315 completes the 63 Series product range. Building on the platform of the highly successful 6310, the model 6315 uses a pulsed xenon lamp to extend the wavelength range to the UV region.

The 6315 is an advanced measuring system with modes for Photometrics, Spectrum Scanning, Kinetics, Concentration and Quantitation and will meet the demands of a wide range of applications in areas such clinical, veterinary, environmental and general QC testing.

With a memory capacity of 50 methods for each mode, the fully open operating system ensures compatibility with reagent kits from most manufacturers, as well as enabling full customisation to the operator's choice of chemistries and operating procedures.

Simple keypad layout and novel customisable menus ensure reliable operation by unfamiliar users.

Supervisor Security functions, when activated, enable all the set up options to be locked. These cannot be changed without the entry of a security code number.

Simultaneous display of Absorbance, Transmission and Wavelength in the Photometrics mode means that manual range changing is not necessary.

Simple concentration measurements using a single standard or factor can be made in the concentration mode. The Quantitation mode allows more complex concentration methods to be programmed, using up to 6 standards to create a calibration curve. For each curve fit option a linearity correlation coefficient is calculated.

A real-time graphical display of Kinetic measurement is shown, along with the calculated concentration value and other relevant data.

The Spectrum Scanning mode allows scans to be made across and selected portion of the 198-1000nm range. The auto-ranging Absorbance axis allows scans to be commenced with no prior knowledge of the peak Absorbance level expected.

The 6315 has an analogue output that can be used to drive chart recorders and other analogue recording or conversion devices.

A bi-directional RS232 serial port allows connection to serial printers and computers.

The 6315 PC Applications software allows full emulation of the instrument functions on a PC, including the importing of results and download of methods.

An electrically heated cuvette holder and control unit is available, as well as a water heated cuvette holder and a thermostatically controlled water circulator. The external, programmable sipper pump ensures faster and safer sample handling.

The large sample compartment enables a wide range of sampling devices to be fitted. Cuvette holders from 10 to 100mm in path length, a 4 position rotary cuvette holder and test tubes from 12.5 to 25mm can all be accommodated.

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

631 501 - Model 6315 UV/Visible range scanning spectrophotometer (198-1000nm) supplied with mains lead, pack 100 disposable cuvettes, 10x10mm cell holder, PC Application Software on CD-ROM (requires free on-line registration), interface cable and instruction manual. For use on 230V/50Hz

631 531 - Model 6315 UV/Visible range scanning spectrophotometer (198-1000nm) supplied with US line cord, pack 100 disposable cuvettes, 10x10mm cell holder, PC Application Software on CD-ROM (requires free on-line registration), interface cable and instruction manual. For use on 110V/60Hz

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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