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Seaward Europa Plus

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Apollo 500 and Apollo 600.

The Europa Plus is a tester and then some. With its full compliment of tests and dual voltage abilities you can test any appliance right there and then.

It performs in-situ Earth bond and Touch current tests while the equipment under test remains powered up: leading to shorter test times. And it can also record the asset details for maintenance - allowing you to print labels and download the results into a software management system.

Like the other PAT testers in the Seaward range it's portable so you can just pick it up and carry it with ease. With in-situ testing you spend less time disconnecting the appliance from accessories and avoid having to power down critical equipment.

This is fast testing. Your working day is seriously shorter.

Key Features

  Comprehensive Testing - A full compliment of tests and dual voltage means you can test any appliance right there, right then, and it has two serial ports so that you're able to use both barcode scanner and printer together.

  Record Test Results - A huge memory lets you record your test results against asset detail and then download them into our wonderful software packages.

  Easy to Use - The Europa Plus is straight forward to operate with its QWERTY keyboard and soft key menu making testing effortless.

  Test & Tag Kit - Thermal label printer, laminate labels, a CCD barcode scanner and carry case. On the spot printing direct from your tester, tough laminated labels. Add the barcode scanner and you get fast asset identification.

Europa Plus Users

  PAT Testers
  Facilities Managers
  Electrical Contractors

Additional Information

Operating Voltage Range - 207V - 253V, 45Hz - 65Hz
Weight & Dimensions - 3.5Kg/31cm (l) x 21cm (w) x 8cm (d)
Keyboard - QWERTY
Display Graphic - LCD - 1/4 VGA (320x240pixels)
Connectivity - 2 Serial Port Connections

Data Sheet

PAT Tests

Earth Continuity

Test Currents - 25A AC, 10A AC, 4A AC+-200mA DC
Display Range - 0.01ohms - 19.99ohms
Pass Value - User Defined
Measurement Technique - 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Earth Screen Continuity

Test Current - 100mA
Display Range - 0.00ohms - 19.99ohms
Pass Value - User Defined
Measurement Technique - 4 Wire Measurement, Floating Earth

Insulation Resistance

Test Voltage - 250V, 500V DC
Display Range - 0.1Mohm - 100Mohm
Pass Value - User Defined

Protective Conductor Current

Test Voltage - 230V
Display Range - 0.1mA - 10mA
Pass Value - User Defined

Touch Current

Test Voltage - 230V
Display Range - 0.1mA - 2.0mA
Pass Value - User Defined

Substitute Leakage

Test Voltage - 40V AC Nominal
Display Range - 1.00mA - 19.99mA
Pass Value User Defined

Load Test

Display Range - 0kVA - 4.2kVA

IEC Lead Polarity

Tests Performed - Live/Neutral Continuity and Polarity

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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