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Seaward Supernova Elite

A comprehensive, dual voltage patwith flash test

For UK customers only

The Supernova Elite advanced downloading PAT tester now is capable of testing RCD trip time as well as its flash test dual voltage capability. The Supernova Elite has a test record memory to store 5000 PAT testing results including location, user, test status and date.

It links to a PC and has a modem for remote transfer of information. There are connections for a barcode reader, braincell scanner, and printer, as well as a parallel printer port. Barcode labels are generated via a thermal printer. For ease of use, there is a large graphical display, with legible, walk through instructions for each test facility. Downloading vital information is fantastically fast and asset management is supported with three software options.

Key Features

  Any appliance, any test - A full and comprehensive set of tests, together with dual voltage and flash test and RCD trip time test capacity, means you can do any test there and then.

  Walk through instructions - Good news. You don't have to be a brain surgeon to operate it. The large, easy to read display will walk you through any test procedure with ease.

  Connectivity? No problem - As you might expect, the Supernova Elite has ports and plugs galore. PC,barcode reader, braincell scanner and printer connections are all taken care of.

  Superfast Download - No waiting for information to download. Thanks to the incredible download ability of the Supernova Elite, the wait is over before it has barely started.


  Construction industry
  Hire Companies
  Facilities Managers

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

283A936 Supernova Elite - Enhanced Comprehensive Electrical Safety Tester for Dual Voltage and IT Equipment

312A910 BenchPAT - A Supernova PAT tester for use in bench top applications

203A910 PAT1000S (240V) - Portable Appliance Tester. Single voltage with memory facility

203A912 PAT1000S (110V) - Portable Appliance Tester. Single voltage with memory facility

211A915 PAC1500XI - Portable Appliance Checker. Dual voltage with digital readout

323A910 Supernova Elite TIS Kit - Kit Includes Supernova Plus, PATGuard Elite, Test 'n' Tag Kit, Calibration Certificate, PATGuard Elite Support Contract & Guide to PAT Testing

249A908 Earth Lead - Earth Bond Test lead fitted with large crocodile clip

281A075 110V Adaptor - Adaptor to connect Supernova to a 110V supply

283A972 Supernova Plus Dual Serial Port Adaptor - Y Cable

194A919 9 Way Computer Lead - Download lead

161A927 LT1000 (240) - Extension Lead Tester (240V)

283A954 Thermal Label Printer - For Supernova/Europa complete with labels

283A964 Thermal Label rolls for Thermal Printer - 5 Paper Roll for Thermal Label Printer

283A951 Calibration Checkbox - For use with Supernova/Europa

339A962 Bluetooth Supernova/Europa Adaptor - Bluetooth enable your PC with this small adaptor

283A950 Remote Earth Probe (only Supernova) - Optional Remote Earth Bond/Insulation Probe

44B101 Flash Probe - Flash Probe with retractable shroud for Supernova

298A950 Supernova Elite Carry Case - Carry Case for Supernova Plus

283A969 Modem Kit - Modem Kit for use with Supernova & Europa

308A914 Test n Tag cartridge (black and yellow) - Label cartridge to use with Supernova / Europa Test n Tag printer

308A915 Test n Tag Kit - Kit includes Test n Tag Printer, label cartridge, barcode scanner and carry case

308A924 Test n Tag Printer (K3100) - Portable thermal transfer printer for use with Supernova & Europa range of testers

308A955 Test n Tag Carry Case - Carry Case for Test n Tag Printer

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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