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Seaward HV Indicators

These instruments let you confirm the presence of voltage on earthed neutral electrical systems.

They conform in design lengths to the recommended creepage and safety standards.

Each model features high grade PVC tubing and incorporates encapsulated resistor chains. There's a PH3 proving unit for additional safety and should be used before and after the voltage indicator's used.

The digital reading instruments provide voltage measurements and are supplied with detachable earth lead, battery charger and PH3 proving unit.

Digital Readout Features

  Use as a potential indicator to determine presence of voltage or as a voltmeter
  Robust display housing
  No switches
  Provides direct reading of voltage measurements
  Low battery indicator
  Supplied with battery charger
  Specifically designed carrying case for unit and accessories

Neon Indication Features

  Duplicate neon indicators within shock resistant sleeves
  Permanently connected earth cable
  Hand guards on all elements
  Direct access to vertical or horizontal metal clad switch gear
  UK Electricity Council Approval list G9

Data Sheet

Digital Readout

Neon Indication



Ordering Information

109A910 KD1E/15D - Digital HV Potential Indicator 1-15KV & PH3 Proving Unit
109A911 KD1E/33D - Digital HV Potential Indicator 3-33KV & PH3 Proving Unit
113A911 KD1E/33 - Neon HV Potential Indicator 3-33KV
113A912 KD1E/22 - Neon HV Potential Indicator 3-22KV
113A913 KD1E/19S - Neon HV Potential Indicator 1.5-19KV
113A914 KD1E/19 - Neon HV Potential Indicator 1.5-19KV
113A915 KD1E/KAD - Neon HV Potential Indicator 1-11KV with audio alarm
113A916 KD1E - Neon HV Potential Indicator 1-11KV

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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