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Seaward Primetest 350

This product is now obsolete and has been replaced by the Apollo 600.

Thanks to the revolutionary PrimeTest 350, you can shorten your working hours.

This top of the range tester is derived from the PrimeTest 300 but now has even more features making testing faster and more efficient. Bluetooth technology means it communicates with all your accessory equipment without using wires, and with USB download it's simple to transfer data to a PC.

No wires required with this tester, batteries are charged while they're still in the unit, via a charging port. Charging time is just four hours.

What's more, it does every test you need and complies to the new updated IET Code of Practice.

The PrimeTest 350 can complete Alternative leakage test, 250V insulation test (for use when suppressors or other components prevent a 500V insulation test) and Load measurement.

During the protective conductor and touch current tests, the load is measured and displayed as both a power and current measurement. What's more it measures only 26cm x 10cm and weights under 1kg, so no more heavy kit to carry around.

With new Carbon Neutral status, we think of this the world's most advanced tester.

Key Features

  Hand Held
  Load Test
  Battery Powered
  Definable Test
  USB and Bluetooth Download
  In Situ Rechargeable Batteries


  PAT Tester
  Electrical Contractors
  Facilities Managers

Additional Information

Memory size - 8000 records
Weight - 0.9kg
Dimensions - 260mm x 100mm x 55mm
Power Source - 6 x AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

Data Sheet

PAT Tests

Earth Continuity

Test Current - +/- 200mA
Display Range - 0.00ohm - 19.99ohm
Pass Value - User Defined

Insulation Resistance

Test Voltage - 500V / 250V DC @ 1mA nominal
Display Range - 0.01Mohm - 199Mohm
Pass Value - User Defined

IEC Lead Test

Tests Performed - Earth, Insulation Resistance, Live and Neutral Continuity

Protective Conductor Current/Load

Test Voltage - 195V - 230V, 45Hz-60Hz
Display Ranges - 0.15mA - 19.99mA, 0.00kVA - 4.00kVA and 0.00A - 16.00A
Pass Value - User Defined

Touch Current/Load

Test Voltage - 195V - 230V, 45Hz-60Hz
Display Ranges - 0.07mA - 3.5mA, 0.00kVA - 4.00kVA and 0.00A - 16.00A
Pass Value - User Defined

Alternative Leakage Current

Test Voltage - 40V, 50Hz
Display Range - 0.10mA - 19.99mA
Pass Value - User Defined

Loop Impedance

Test Current - Non-tripping for >30mA RCD
Display Range - 0.0ohm - 199ohm

Power Socket Test

Voltage Range - 195V - 253V
Voltage Indicators - phase-earth & phase-neutral

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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