Soundear Classic

Soundear Classic

Pollution and noise is a nuisance that many cannot tolerate. There is no necessity to adjust to these unhealthy and uncomfortable noise levels to the risk of a hearing damage. We have catered to this unpleasantness, the ultimate instrument and tool for eradicating completely this noise with the efficient SoundEar.

The SoundEar can be preset manually at an earlier day to warn against the noise level that would by no means be tolerated. A simple and yet very effective instrument, all that is required of it is to hang the SoundEar on the office wall or an industry, rehearsal room, youth club or a music venue, class room or a day care center, kindergarten or an after school care.

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Tolerance threshold: +/- 1 dB
Power supply: Connect to normal electrical socket using the enclosed transformer
Power consumption: app. 3 W
Dimensions: 28 cm, Width- 28 cm, Depth- 6 cm
Weight: app. 1.5 kg

SoundEar 1000-1007