Sound Meters

Keison Sound Meters products.

Svantek Svantek specialise in professional instrumentation for the measurement and analysis of sound & vibration. With over 25 years of industry experience, Svantek has established itself as a leading innovator in sound & vibration products, with a global reputation for producing some of the most accurate and reliable instruments on the market.

Pulsar Instruments Plc Pulsar Instruments Plc, with nearly 40 years of experience in the noise measurement sector, provide compliant, common sense, practical solutions for Industrial and other Noise Measurement applications.

Cacella Exposure to excessive noise is a major occupational hazard, with prolonged over-exposure potentially leading to a noise-induced hearing loss. Casella products help you to manage, monitor and mitigate against this risk.

Soundear Products in the SoundEar range include the PocketEar, SoundBuster and the SE II EXT, along with the various models of SoundEar. These products consist of external microphones, warning signs (that illuminated depending on the noise level), sound system controls and many others.

TSI Quest The TSI Quest range includes products such as Personal Noise Dosimeters, Sound Level Meters, Heat Stress Monitors and Indoor Air Quality/Particulate Monitors.