Soundear SoundLog

Soundear SoundLog

The Soundear SoundLog is a high tech instrument that both measures sound and stores this information. The user friendly machine enables the measurements to be used over a period of up to four weeks, at a stretch on a ready-to-print graph. The Soundear SoundLog comes with an inbuilt log function.

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The measurements that are deciphered on the graph, the sound measures are printed and graphed to measure of the exact decibel. It also depicts the number of decibels, and as to when it did reach. Enabling a comparison the graph depicts as to where and from when the problems arise. A unique system that can enable a comparison of the sound conditions at different times for different days of week.

The graph gives a clear picture of the periods of noise when it would increase and so ultimately having an upper hand at the knowledge. This documentation and the noise level in the room are visualized using the SoundLog and substitutes with noise reports that are less accurate from the previous records. For up to four weeks at a time the sound levels exposes repeated periods of increased noise strain. Thus the SoundLog is an important tool and factor for improving the environments overall wellbeing within the working atmosphere.

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