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Kidde LWM-1 Controller

The Kidde LWM-1 Controller is an essential part of the Alarmline Analogue Linear Heat Detection system. The controller is able to monitor the Alarmline sensor cable and report changes in the temperature as and when they happen. The LWM-1 controller can configure the heat detection system using a number of switch settings, enabling the setting of alarm trip settings, system sensitivity etc. The Kidde controller has dual alarm functionality which provides system flexibility. It is simple to connect the controller to the main fire alarm system through the use of Volt Free Changeover contacts for Alarm and Fault conditions. Alarm and fault conditions can be stimulated and also reset using internal push buttons.

There is an input in the unit which is always monitored allowing a remote reset facility. The unit can also be reset without removing the cover using a connected key switch or volt free switched output. The unit is only able to be reset when the alarm or fault condition has been removed. The controller comes in a compact ABS enclosure rated IP65. The Kidde LWM-1 has been approved by VdS to European standard EN54-5: 2000. The maximum sensor cable length for this product is 300m.


  Maximum sensor length of 300 m
  Resistant against mechanical and chemical impact, corrosion, humidity and dust
  Easy to install, economic, low-maintenance
  Calibration switch setting
  VdS approval as per EN 54-5 A1 applicable up to 7.5 m ceiling height
  Suitable for application in hazardous areas
  Early fire detection with heat detector classes A1, A2, B and C
  High chemical and / or mechanical resilience by using special sensor cables
  2 floating relay contacts for fire and fault disturbances
  Separate reset input for resetting via esserbus transponder 808623 during loop operation
  Test button for simulating alarm, fault and LED test


Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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