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Kidde Slick 1SFW & 1SFWR Ionisation Smoke Alarms

  'Wireless Capability' enabling use with Kidde Fyrnetics new Wireless Alarm Base (Model: RF-SFTP), for wire-free interconnection.
  Compatible with Kidde Fyrnetics new Remote Test & Hush switch (Model: KN-RTH-RF) via the Wireless Alarm Base.
  Integral, double-decker screwless terminal block for fast, push-fit connection.
  Unique fast-fit system with separate base plate, enabling fitting after construction and removal for maintenance.
  Auto resets after activation with latching LED allowing the initiating alarm to be identified.
  Separate Hush & Test buttons for ease of use.
  Green & Red LED's to indicate alarm status.
  Interlinkable with Slick® or Firex hard-wired smoke & heat alarms.
  Can be added to existing Slick® or Firex installations.
  Interlinkable with Kidde hard-wired CO alarms using 'Smart Interconnect' technology.
  Up to 6 months continuous operation from back-up cells, in the event of mains failure.
  30 days low battery warning indicator.

Designed specifically for social and private housing, Kidde's Slick and its series are the range of fast-fit rechargeable ionization alarm for optical smoke and heat which are guaranteed for 10 years. All types of Slick alarm are BSi Kitemarked to toughen the consistent quality provided by the largest manufacturer in the world.


Both models are equipped with backup power, according to the minimum requirements of corresponding Building Regulation for new housing, i.e. Grade D (BS5839, Part 6). Ionisation Smoke Alarms are used for a condition where a flaming fire is more likely to be a hazard quickly, such as dining and living rooms.

They are more difficult than Ionisation alarms for prone from cooking materials and steam near kitchens. Because the alarms contain a very small amount of Americium 241 radioactive material, they are considered to be stored and disposed.

Kidde Slick 1SFW & 1SFWR Ionisation Smoke Alarms


Ordering Information

1SFWR - with the latest Rechargeable Polymer Lithium cell back-up and full 10-year guarantee.

1SFW - with Duracell loose alkaline battery back-up and 6-year guarantee.

RF-SFTP - Wireless pattress for Kidde Slick alarms

RTH - Wireless remote test & hush switch for Slick

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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