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Kidde AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector

  Integrating Type Linear Heat Detector
  Analog Sensing
  Field Adjustable Alarm Set Point
  Three Cable Styles
  Restorable Up to 257degF (125degC)
  Short Circuit Discrimination
  Intrinsically Safe Option
  FM Approved, 30 ft. (9 m) Spacing
  CSFM Listed 7270-074:110

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The early detection of fire or overheating conditions is what the Kidde AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector has been built for. This detector works by detecting changes in temperature in localised areas or over its entire length.

Confined areas or harsh environments is where the Kidde AlarmLine Linear Heat Detector is especially suited for, where adverse ambient conditions cause other detection devices to be unreliable or hard to use.

A small diameter sensor cable and an interface module are the two major components in the system.

The sensor cable is built with a negative temperature coefficient material, where a difference in temperature causes an exponential decrease in resistance of the sensor.

The interface module interprets this resistance change and gives an output to a control panel once the field programmable alarm set point is exceeded.


  Open area protection
  Cable trays
  Rack storage
  Freezer warehouses
  Belt conveyers
  Floating roof fuel tanks
  Cooling towers
  Dust collectors
  Waste fuel drum storage
  Power distribution apparatus

LWM-1 Technical Manual



  Mechanical - Allows installation at point of risk.
  Electrical - Compatible with all central control panels.
  Alarm Levels - Adjustable for different temperatures.


  Extrusion and Braiding options to satisfy environmental conditions and project risks.


  Fault signaling of open and short circuit conditions.


  Self restoring after fire event to 257degF (125degC).


  Proven superiority over point type measurement.


AlarmLine's analog heat sensing characteristics offer several distinct advantages:

  Field adjustable: Alarm setpoint may be programmed to meet specific system requirements.

  Restorable: Cable does not need to be replaced after an alarm event up to 257degF (125degC).

  Integrating: It is not necessary to reduce sensor spacing with increased ceiling height per NFPA 72, Section 5- Exception (1). System sensitivity remains constant as ceiling height increases without reducing the spacing.

  Short circuit: The system will produce a trouble condition instead of a false alarm in the event of a conductor to conductor short due to damage or electrical faults.

Ordering Information

Alarmline Analogue Sensor Cables & Control Units

K82017 Alarmline Analogue sensor cable - Standard blue
K82021 Alarmline Analogue sensor cable - Nylon coated
K82078 Alarmline Analogue sensor cable - Bronze braided
K98166 Alarmline Analogue sensor cable - Stainless steel braid over nylon
53836-K248 LWM-1 control unit
53836-K254 LHD4 Control unit - Conventional
53836-K255 LHD4 Control unit c/w relay outputs
53836-K256 LHD4 Control unit c/w relay outputs (FM approved)

Alarmline Digital Sensor Cables

D5387-368 Alarmline Digital sensor cable H8040N
D5837-385 Alarmline Digital sensor cable H8045N
D5837-105 Alarmline Digital sensor cable H8028
D5387-174 Alarmline Digital sensor cable H8069
D5387-227 Alarmline Digital sensor cable H9650

Alarmline Accessories

K82023 End of line termination kit
K82024 In Line jointing kit
B6782-070 Intrinsically safe zener barrier (MTL7761ac)
23911-K055 Dual Channel Galvanic Isolator (MTL5061)
23900-K227 DIN Rail interface enclosure - 4 interfaces
23900-K228 DIN Rail interface enclosure - 10 interfaces
B6782-002 Cable collector, stainless steel
B6782-036 Retractable cable - 10m
B6782-037 Retractable cable - 11m
B6782-038 Retractable cable - 12m
B6782-039 Retractable cable - 13m
B6782-040 Retractable cable - 14m
B6782-030 Retractable cable - 15m
B6782-041 Retractable cable - 16m
B6782-042 Retractable cable - 17m
B6782-043 Retractable cable - 18m
B6782-044 Retractable cable - 19m
B6782-045 Retractable cable - 20m
B6782-046 Retractable cable - 21m
B6782-047 Retractable cable - 22m
B6782-048 Retractable cable - 23m
B6782-049 Retractable cable - 24m
B6782-050 Retractable cable - 25m
B6782-170 Retractable cable - 30m
53836-K241EX Automatic cable reeler - Stainless Steel c/w Ex Polycarbonate junction box
53836-K247EX Automatic cable reeler - Stainless Steel c/w Ex Stainless Steel junction box
B6782-189 Ex Junction box c/w 2 cable glands
B6782-190 Ex Junction box c/w 3 cable glands

Alarmline Analogue and Digital Sensor Cable Fixings

B6782-024 Edge Clip, 3-8mm Web
B6782-025 Edge Clip, 8-14mm Web
B6782-026 Edge Clip, 14-20mm Web
B6782-195 Edge Clip, 2 - 3mm Web Stainless steel
B6782-004 'T' clip:
B6782-005 Pipe clip
B6782-023 'V' clip
B6782-154 "L" Bracket c/w strain relief bush
B6782-142 Channel bracket
B6782-194 L Bracket
27400-K244 P Clip
27400-K245 Tie wrap and cradle
B6782-120 200mm Distance piece
B6782-008 Neoprene sleeve
B6782-121 Cable tie
35100-K253 M6 HEX full nut stainless steel
35100-K254 M6 x 16 Hex bolt stainless steel
21176-K007 M6 flat washer stainless steel
21176-K008 M6 spring washer stainless steel

Other Part Numbers

73-117068-013 Standard PVC Sensor Cable 656 feet (200 meters) Roll
73-117068-113 Standard PVC Sensor Cable 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) Roll
73-117068-016 Nylon Coated Sensor Cable 656 feet (200 meters) Roll
73-117068-116 Nylon Coated Sensor Cable 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) Roll
73-117068-019 Bronze Braided Sensor Cable 656 feet (200 meters) Roll
73-117068-119 Bronze Braided Sensor Cable 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) Roll
73-117068-047 4-Wire Interface Module with Relay Output and surface Mount Enclosure
73-117068-020 Nylon Cable Tie (pkg 100) for pipe up to 8"
73-117068-022 Master Clamp (pkg 100) for flanges to 1/2"
73-117068-023 Flange Clip (pkg 100) for flanges to 3/16"
73-117068-024 Flange Clip (pkg 100) for flanges to 1/4""
73-117068-025 Nylon Cable Clamp (pkg 100) for use with Master Clamp or Flange Clips or Nylon Cable Tie
73-117068-026 Weathertight Connector, used with Standard Sensor
73-117068-027 Weathertight Connector, used with Nylon Coated or Bronze Braided Sensor
73-117068-028 In-Line Sensor Splice (pkg 10) - 4 required per splice
73-117068-029 In-Line Sensor Splice Crimping Tool
73-117068-030 Sensor Termination Kit (pkg 10) - terminates 10 zones
73-117068-031 Intrinsic Safety Barrier (2 required per zone)
73-117068-032 Intrinsic Safety Barrier Weathertight Enclosure holds (2) Barriers
73-117068-033 Intrinsic Safety Barrier Weathertight Enclosure holds up to (5) Barriers
73-117068-034 Intrinsic Safety Barrier Weathertight Enclosure holds up to (12) Barriers
73-117068-035 Intrinsic Safety Barrier Weathertight Enclosure holds up to (24) Barriers

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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