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Rockers & Rotators

Stuart Index

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment for laboratories comprises over 100 products.

This range includes block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths.


SRT6 Roller Mixer - BUY ONLINE

SRT6D Roller Mixer - BUY ONLINE
SRT9 Roller Mixer - BUY ONLINE
SRT9D Roller Mixer - BUY ONLINE


SB2 Fixed Speed Rotator
SB3 Variable Speed, Timed Rotator
STR4 Drive Unit Rotator

Shakers & Rockers

SF1 Flask Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL1 Lab-Scale Orbital Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL2 Lab Scale Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSL3 Lab Scale Rocker - BUY ONLINE
SSL4 Lab Scale Rocker - BUY ONLINE
SSM1 Orbital Shaker - BUY ONLINE
SSM3 Mini Rocker - BUY ONLINE
SSM4 Mini Rocker - BUY ONLINE

Grant Bio
Grant Bio Index

The Grant Bio range is a series of laboratory products designed for scientific applications, with all of the standard high quality you would expect to see in other products by Grant Instruments.

Products in the Grant Bio range include mixers, combined centrifuges/vortex mixers, thermoshakers, rockers, heating/cooling dry blocks, rotators and microplate apparatus.

Rotators & Rockers

PMR-30 Platform Rocker
PMR-100 Platform Rocker
PS-3D Platform Rotator
PS-M3D Multi-Function Rotator
PTR-25 Vertical Mini Rotator
PTR-35 Multi-Function Rotator
PTR-60 Multi-Function Rotator
TS-DW Deep Well Plate Thermoshaker

Shakers, Mixers & Stirrers

MPS-1 Multi Plate Shaker
PMS-1000i Microplate Shaker
PSU-10i Orbital Shaking Platform
PSU-20i Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker

Shaking Incubators

ES20 Shaking Incubator
ES-80 Compact Shaker-Incubator


PCMT Thermoshaker (with cooling for microtubes and PCR plates)
PHMT Thermoshaker (for microtubes)
PHMP and PHMP-4 Thermoshaker (for microplates)

IKA Index

IKA began it's life back in 1910, growing into today's world leading brand within most of the product groups. IKA employs over 800 people spread over four continents.

IKA is proud to have some well known customers to serve including BASF, Bayer and Procter & Gamble.

Based in Staufen, IKA has expanded it's product range, now manufacturing a remarkable line-up of devices including magnetic stirrers, overheard stirrers, dispersers, shakers, mills, rotary evaporators, lab reactors, and calorimeters.

IKA products are known throughout the world for their high level of quality and fulfil the toughest demands when it comes to aspects such as functionality, technology and aesthetics. Various awards and regular patent applications showcase the innovative power of IKA.


ULTRA-TURRAX & T-Series Dispersers


HS 260 Basic Horizontal Shaker
HS 260 Control Horizontal Shaker
HS 501 Digital Horizontal Shaker
KS 130 Basic Orbital Shaker
KS 130 Control Orbital Shaker
KS 260 Basic Orbital Shaker
KS 260 Control Orbital Shaker
KS 501 Digital Orbital Shaker
KS 3000i Control Orbital Shaker
KS 4000i Control Orbital Shaker
KS 4000ic Control Orbital Shaker
Lab Dancer Orbital Shaker
MS 3 Basic Orbital Shaker
MS 3 Digital Orbital Shaker
MTS 2/4 Digital Microtiter Orbit Shaker
VORTEX 1 Orbital Shaker
VORTEX 3 Orbital Shaker
VORTEX 4 Basic Orbital Shaker
VORTEX 4 Digital Orbital Shaker
VXR Basic Vibrax Orbital Shaker

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