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Eurotherm Index

With customers numbering in the hundreds of thousands in 60 countries, Eurotherm continues its leadership role as a supplier of proven products and turn-key solutions in scalable manufacturing process control and automation.

Today, Eurotherm products and solutions are meeting customer needs across a wide and diverse global expanse of both regulated and non-regulated industries.

With more than 40 years experience, we made the commitment long ago to form productive, team partnerships with you, our customer, with the emphasis on helping you improve your operations efficiency, savings, and ROI.

The mark of a Eurotherm product or solution is not only a technology that satisfies a need, but also brings to you the additional value of greater efficiency and cost savings.

Product offerings, among many, include distributed process automation systems and machine control, incorporating single and multi-loop control, operator displays, data management and graphic recorders, power control and signal conditioning, temperature and process controllers and indicators, data recorders, data acquisition systems, sensors, actuators, and SCR power controllers, including third part integration when required.



Graphic Data Management Units

6100A / 6180A

Strip Chart Recorders

4100 / 4103

Circular Recorders

392 / 394



Temperature Controllers

3200 / 3500

Automation Control


Visual Supervisors


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Grant Squirrel Index

Grant has pioneered the development and use of data loggers and systems since 1981 when it introduced the Squirrel data logger, one of the first truly portable, microprocessor controlled data loggers in the world.

Small, battery, operated and extremely easy to programme, Grant Squirrels are used to monitor a wide range of physical parameters - temperature, humidity, voltage, current, resistance - in research and QA applications in a variety of scientific institutions and industrial operations.

Data logger products from Grant Instruments are characterised by their ease of use, high accuracy of measurement and high quality of build, leading to high reliability of data and system longevity.

They are used in varied applications across research, quality control, all sectors of the industrial and manufacturing industries and in many of the leading scientific institutions.

Squirrel OQ610 Temperature Logger

Squirrel OMK610 Paint Oven Temperature Profiling System

Squirrel SQ2010 Data Logger

Squirrel SQ2020 Data Logger

Squirrel SQ2020 Wi-Fi Data Logger

Squirrel SQ2040 Data Logger

Squirrel SQ2040 Wi-Fi Data Logger

SquirrelView Web-Based Software

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