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Grant Squirrel SQ2010 Data Logger

  Very easy to use
  USB connectivity
  4 differential or 8 single ended channels
  RS232 output for modem and wireless connection (via interface units)

The Squirrel 2010 is a versatile general purpose logger with 4 to 8 analogue input channels to measure current, voltage, resistance and temperature, plus 8 digital channels to automatically trigger or stop logging. An RS232 port is included, allowing connection to modems and other networking devices.

It is a small, truly portable logger which is also suitable for bench based and fixed installations. Easily programmed via the four integral push buttons and large graphical display and with a basic accuracy of 0.1%, the Squirrel 2010 is able to fulfil many routine data logging needs, including more demanding applications requiring up to 10 readings per second on one channel.

Data Sheet

Key Features

  Small truly portable data logger
  4 to 8 universal analogue inputs (current, voltage, resistance, temperature) plus 8 digital inputs
  16 derived / calculated channels
  2 alarm outputs and 2 pulse counter inputs (1 at 64 KHz, 1 at 100Hz)
  Configured via large easy-to-read graphical display
  0.1% accuracy
  Up to 1.8 million readings
  Supplied with SquirrelView set-up / download software

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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