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SquirrelView Web-Based Software

SquirrelView is a new concept for data collection, storage and dissemination. Using the power, flexibility and 24/7 availability of the Internet, data from our range of Squirrel data loggers can be presented to any internet connected computer, at any time, any where in the world.

No software installation or licensing costs: Once the SquirrelView software is installed on a single PC this can be used to download the data from your logger.

With SquirrelView this data can then be uploaded, allowing users access without the need for SquirrelView being installed on additional PCs.

As SquirrelView is a web based application, there is no special PC software required to access the data. Creating a login for SquirrelView enables users to immediately view existing projects, create new projects and upload existing data files.

Complete control over important data: SquirrelView gives the user direct control over access rights.

Each project can have multiple access rights, from read-only to full project administration for a range of users.

View your data anytime, anywhere: SquirrelView is always on, so authorised personnel can access the same data, ensure it is up to date and make it instantly available to others.

Just "click" on the Squirrel data logger of interest and view the data, by channel and by date range.

Simply connect via Internet Explorer: As SquirrelView is a web based system, users only require a login and an Internet connected PC.

Then by simply connecting to the SquirrelView web page and selecting their application, they can view the latest data, review historical data, upload existing data files and view multiple graphs of the data.

Quickly chart, filter and analyse your data: SquirrelView has a complete set of integrated online graphing and filtering tools, so there is no need to extract or download data to a separate desktop software application (although this can be done if required).

Fully automate and upload of data files: By using the Grant Downloader, SquirrelView Bulk Uploader and Microsoft Windows Scheduler, a fully automated system can be set up to download the Squirrel Data Logger and upload the data file into the appropriate project within SquirrelView.

A connection to the Squirrel Data Logger can be made via USB, Ethernet or GSM modem, depending on the communication type that is being used.

By working in this way it is possible to make sure the data is constantly up to date (to the scheduled upload).

Web-enable your existing Squirrel data loggers: All current Squirrel data loggers (the SQ2010, SQ2020 and SQ2040 series) can be connected to SquirrelView. So there is no need to purchase new data loggers to benefit from this new service.

Single yearly fee per logger with no additional cost for data being uploaded.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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SquirrelView Web-Based Software

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