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Grant Squirrel SQ2040 Data Logger

The Squirrel 2040 series combines a higher channel count with the same high performance, comprehensive features and universal inputs as the 2020 in a neat compact and portable instrument. Using multiple 24-bit analogue to digital convertors, twin processors and removable memory options provides great flexibility to handle a wide range of complex and demanding multi-channel applications. The Squirrel 2040 series are the ideal data loggers for industrial, scientific research and quality assurance applications and more! The 2040 provides standalone data acquisition, advances networked solutions and data analysis straight out-of-the box.

  Fully configurable via the integrated keypad � 16 true differential or 32single ended universal analogue inputs for voltage, current or resistance measurements plus 2 high voltage, 4 pulse and 8 digital event/state inputs
  Analogue inputs can be used with thermistors, thermocouples, 2,3 or 4 wire RTD temperature sensors and 4-20mA signals
  Logging rates of up to 100Hz on up to 4 channels
  Ethernet, USB and RS232 communication ports
  Internal memory storage for up to 14 million readings
  Download of internal data to removable MMC / SD card
  Sensor power and FET outputs for use with external devices
  Calculated channels derived from real channels using advanced mathematical functions e.g. log(x); ln(x); sqrt(x)


Ethernet, USB and RS232 serial ports are inbuilt.

This allows simple connection to either a PC based TCP/IP network, a wireless to PC connection or to a GSM modem for remote data downloading. This flexibility enables global data access and retrieval as well as complete system integration of the SQ2040 series into complex and critical applications.

Data Sheet
Getting Started Guide

Multiple configurations stored in the logger

Up to six logger configurations ( channel type, names, logging speeds, triggers etc.) together with the current configuration can be held in the logger`s internal memory. Additional configuration settings can also be loaded from the external MMC/SD memory card. This allows the operator to quickly and easily switch between logger configurations without the need for a PC.

Software configuration via SquirrelView

The SquirrelView software (supplied with the SQ2040 series data logger) allows logger configuration, data download and export whilst giving the user full control over SQ2040. The optional SquirrelView Plus gives the used access to many advanced data analyses and archiving/transfer features. Refer to SquirrelView data sheet for specifications.

Concurrent sampling

The SQ2040 series uses multiple analogue and digital converters that enables true concurrent sampling and logging. It Allows the user to configure a channel to log at a rate of 100Hz whilst retaining different sample speeds on the other channels. Ideal for measuring dynamic parameters that change at different rates such as temperature and pressure.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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