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Alternatives for High-Performance Control and Documentation

HiProSystems Control and Documentation

This professional control system for single and multi-zone furnaces is based on Siemens hardware and can be upgraded extensively. HiProSystems control is used in the following situations: When more than two process-dependent functions, such as exhaust dampers, cooling fans, automatic movements, etc., have to be handled during a cycle; when furnaces with more than one zone have to be controlled; when special documentation of each batch is required and; when remote telediagnostic service is necessary. The system is also perfectly suited for controlling multiple furnaces or furnace groups. It is flexible and is easily tailored to your process or documentation needs.

Alternative User Interfaces

Touch Panel H 700

This basic panel accommodates most basic needs and is very easy to use.

Touch Panel H 1700

Firing cycle data and the extra functions activated are clearly displayed in a table. Messages appear as text.

Touch Panel H 3700

All functions and process data are stored and displayed in easy to read charts. The data can be exported through various interfaces (RS 232, RS 422/485, USB, Ethernet TCI/IP, MPI, Profibus) to a local PC or your company network for further processing. A CF card also gives the opportunity for data storage and transfer to a PC with a card reader.

Nabertherm Control Center NCC (PC-based)

Upgrading the HiProSystems-Control into an NCC provides for additional interfaces, operating documentation, and service benefits in particular for controlling furnace groups including charge beyond the furnace itself (quenching tank, cooling station etc.):

Charge data can be read in via barcodesInterface for connection to existing Enterprise Database systems (e.g. SAP, Oracle)Internet connection for remote operation and monitoringConnection to mobile phone network for alarm message transmission via SMSControl from various locations over the networkDocumentation according to ISO 9000, etc.Maximum operator convenience: full keyboard, large screenIdeal for controlling furnace groups and documentation

Controltherm MV Software for Monitoring, Documentation and Control with Standard Controllers

Documentation and reproducibility are more important with the quality standards certain industries demand. Here, the powerful Nabertherm software, Controltherm MV provides an optimum solution for the control and documentation of one or more furnaces (furnace data only).


Parallel control/monitoring and documentation of up to 16 furnacesProgramming, archiving and printing of programs and graphicsDocumentation of furnace data according to ISO 9000 etc.Free input of descriptive charge data text Data exportable into Excel format for further evaluationStart/stop of the Controller from the local PC

Temperature Recorder

Reliable documentation method with a dot printer or continuous pen and up to six measuring points, also available with various digital storage systems (e.g. disk, CF card).

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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