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Fusing Furnaces GF 75 - GF 1050

GF 920

GF75 High Resolution Image
GF240 High Resolution Image
GF920 High Resolution Image
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Other sizes or custom designs available on request

GF 75 - GF 1050

Models in this range include the GF 75, GF 75 R , GF 190, GF 240, GF 380, GF 420, GF 520, GF 600, GF 920 and GF 1050.

The furnace models GF 75 - GF 1050 are particularly suitable for fusing of glass. Their special construction, with infrared heating elements mounted on the ceiling and light fibre insulation, ensures fast heat-up and cool-down rates and optimum fusing or slumping results.

As protected infrared heating is used, any direct contact with the heating coils is avoided. This means you can safely open the furnace during operation without the need to switch off the heating.

"Combing" in a GF 240

Top quality:

  •   Tmax 950 °C
  •   Infrared heating elements for short heat-up times and energy efficient operation
  •   Overhead heating for direct heat transfer to your ware
  •   Base available with either lightweight ceramic fiber modules or durable insulating bricks.
  •   Hood insulation with special ceramic fiber for short heat-up and cool-down rates
  •   Solid-state power control relays for silent operation
  •   Fast power switching for precise temperature distribution
  •   Type “K” (NiCr-Ni) thermocouple inside the furnace chamber for precise temperature measurement
  •   Housing made of high-grade stainless steel and ventilated lid
  •   Attractive and professional design enhances your image
  •   Gas springs counterbalance the lid weight for easy opening and closing.
  •   Adjustable quick-release locks to secure the hood during firing
  •   Large “cool-touch” handle for opening and closing the furnace
  •   Angled sight ports with plugs let you see the progress of your work and cool quickly
  •   Delivered ready for operation including base frame with swivel casters and storage shelf

Top-Loading Fusing Kilns with Lid Heating

Kiln interior with circular lower side heating
F30 High Resolution Image
F110 High Resolution Image
F220 High Resolution Image

F 30 - F 220

This well-priced kiln range is the ideal choice for many fusing applications. The insulation is made from lightweight refractory bricks with protected heating elements in the lid, models F 75 and F 110 have additional side heating.

Top quality:

  •   Lid heating for direct radiation of goods
  •   Spring-loaded lid opening (F 75 - F 220)
  •   High quality heating elements, dimensioned for long service life
  •   Level setting surface made from lightweight refractory bricks
  •   Low-noise operation with solid-state relays
  •   Thermocouple optimally positioned for immediate temperature measurement
  •   Energy-saving insulation made from lightweight refractory bricks
  •   Housing cover made from structured stainless steel
  •   Lid with adjustable locks for easy handling
  •   Low wear & tear lid sealing (brick on brick construction)
  •   Higher chassis available as an option
  •   Manual-Zone-Regulation for F 220 (lid and sides)

Models in this range include the F 30, F 75, F 110 and F 220.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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