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Control Alternatives for Tube Furnaces

Furnace Chamber Control
with temperature measurement in furnace chamber outside the working tube.

  •   Advantages: Thermocouple protected against damage and aggressive load, very even control, attractive price
  •   Disadvantage: Process-dependent temperature difference between displayed temperature on the controller and inside the tube
Charge Control
with temperature measurement of load in the working tube.
  •   Advantages: Precise control inside of tube without temperature deviation
  •   Disadvantages: Slow control with danger of temperature overshoot, control parameters must eventually be adjusted to correspond to the process. At high application temperatures, the over-temperature limit controller can activate to protect the heating elements.

Cascade Control
with temperature measurement both in the furnace chamber outside the working tube as well as in the working tube.

  •   Advantages: Very precise and rapid control adjustment
  •   Disadvantage: Costs (only available for models with external switchgear panel)
    Furnace control
    Cascade control
    1. Charge setpoint value
    Furnace setpoint value
    Actual value furnace chamber
    Actual value load/bath/muffle/retort

    Furnace Chamber vs. Cascade Controller Comparison

    Furnace Chamber Control
    Only the furnace chamber temperature is measured and controlled. Regulation is carried out slowly to avoid out-of-range values. Because the charge temperature is not measured during this process, the furnace chamber temperature deviates from the charge temperature by several degrees.

    Cascade Control
    If the cascade is switched on, both the charge temperature and furnace chamber temperature are measured. By setting different parameters the heat-up and cooling processes can be individually adapted. This results in a more precise temperature control at the charge.

    Working Tubes
    There are various working tubes available, depending on application and temperatures. The technical characteristics of the different working tubes are presented in the following table:

    Available Working Tubes: Standard (2) and Options (l)

    Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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