pH/Conductivity Meters

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Jenway Jenway offers a wide choice of portable and laboratory pH meters to suit all budgets and applications requirements.

Stuart Horiba is a group of worldwide companies that together provide an extensive range of instruments and systems for many diverse applications such as automotive R&D, environmental monitoring, process monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics and many more. Proven quality and reliable performance have enabled Horiba to reach established levels of customer confidence.

Nickel ElectroSee the Hanna Instruments Conductivity product range.

Hanna pH
BL Series Mini Controllers
Checker1 pH Tester
HI-122 Professional pH Bench Meter with Built-in Printer
HI-207 Bench pH Meter For Education
HI-208 Bench top pH meter with Built-in Magnetic Stirrer
HI-2209 pH/mV Bench Meter with Manual Calibration
HI-2210-02 pH Bench Meter
HI-2211-02 pH Bench Meter
HI-2212 Bench pH Meter, 3 Point Calibration
HI-2213 Bench pH Meter, 3 Point Calibration
HI-2214 Logging pH Bench Meter
HI-2215 Logging pH & mV Bench Meter
HI-2221 Calibration Check pH Bench Meter
HI-2222 Professional Wine Analysis pH Meter
HI-2223 Calibration Check pH Bench Meter
HI-2550 pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl Bench Meter
HI-3220 pH/mV/Temperature Bench Meter
HI-3222-02 CalCheck pH/mV/ISE/Temperature Bench Meter
HI-4221 Research Grade Bench pH & ORP Meter
HI-8014 Budget Priced pH and ORP Meter
HI-8314N Budget Priced pH, mV and Temperature Meter
HI-83141 pH Meter with Electrode and Temperature Probe
HI-8424N Waterproof pH Meter
HI-9124N Handheld pH Meter with Enhanced Design
HI-9124 & HI-9125 pH and Redox/ORP Meter
HI-9125N Portable pH/mV Meter
HI-9126N Waterproof pH/ORP Meter with CalCheck
HI-931001 pH/mV Simulator with LCD
HI-98107 Pocket pH Tester
HI-98127 pHep4 Waterproof pH Tester
HI-98128 Waterproof pH Tester
HI-98150N Waterproof pH/ORP/C Meter with Intelligent Electrode
HI-98183 Waterproof pH/ORP and Temperature Meter
HI-99121 Kit for Direct Soil pH Measurement
HI-99131N Plating Bath pH Meter
HI-99141N Boiling and Cooling Towers pH Meter
HI-99161 pH Meter for Food & Dairy
HI-99163N Handheld Meat pH Meter
HI-99171N Leather and Paper pH Meter
HI-99181N Skin pH Meter
HI-991001N Extended Range pH Meter
HI-991002N Extended Range pH Meter
HI-991003N Extended Range pH Meter
HI-991300 Portable pH/EC/TDS and Temperature Meter

Mettler Toledo Mettler Toledo is a world-renowned manufacturer of innovative laboratory equipment, including weighing balances and ph, conductivity, ion and dissolved oxygen meters.

Hach Lange Hach Lange can be found all over the world, with product research and production facilities in France, Switzerland, China, Germany and the USA. There is also an international network which connects Hach Lange to 22 other European countries as well as representation in most other parts of the world.