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Sieger SPM Flex Chemcassette Tape-Based Gas Detector

Disruptions that occur in industrial operations can cost organisations millions of pounds. Many organisations don't have the correct tape-based toxic gas detectors which means that they don't have the gas intelligence required to ensure the safety of lives, compliance to regulations and the upkeep of operational uptime.

To help solve this problem, Sieger have designed the SPM Flex which will help users respond to emergencies, suspected leaks and routine maintenance. The SPM Flex offers unmatched accuracy, easy operation and is suitable for challenging environments. The SPM Flex can be used as either a fixed or portable device. It can detect the ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations, including hydrides, mineral acids, diisocyanates and phosgene. The tape technology of Chemcassette indicates the presence of gas promptly and accurately, with a physical record.

Sieger have designed the SPM Flex in a particular way that makes it easy to pick up and use, even when workers don't use it everyday, so it is ready for use instantly when required.


Ordering Information


SPMF-F1AU SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Australia
SPMF-F1CH SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Switzerland
SPMF-F1DK SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Denmark
SPMF-F1EU SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Europe
SPMF-F1GB SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Great Britain
SPMF-F1JP SPM Flex Fixed Unit for Japan
SPMF-F1US SPM Flex Fixed Unit for North America
SPMF-P1AU SPM Flex Portable Unit for Australia
SPMF-P1CH SPM Flex Portable Unit for Switzerland
SPMF-P1DK SPM Flex Portable Unit for Denmark
SPMF-P1EU SPM Flex Portable Unit for Europe
SPMF-P1GB SPM Flex Portable Unit for Great Britain
SPMF-P1JP SPM Flex Portable Unit for Japan
SPMF-P1US SPM Flex Portable Unit for North America


SPMF-WAND Sample Wand Kit (includes probe, filter/holder, coiled tube, mounting hardware)
SPMF-STRP Clean Room Suitable Shoulder Strap
SPMF-HNDL Handle for Portable configuration
SPMF-WTHR Weather Shield for use in Fixed configuration (includes mounting hardware)
SPMF-PWRS Universal Power Supply (no cord)
SPMF-PCON 6' Power Cable with Weather proof connector (for connection to user 24VDC)
SPMF-ECON 10' Ethernet Cable with Weather proof connector male, standard male
SPMF-CCON Communication SPM Flex side connector and 6' communication cable with Weather proof connector and pig tale
1265-2014 SPM Flex Optics Test Card
SPMF-MBST Standard Mounting Bracket for Fixed Unit (for SPM Flex only)
SPMF-MBRF Retro-Fit Mounting Bracket for Fixed Unit (compatible with original SPM)
1998M0871 SPM Flex CD (manual/software) and Quick Start Guide (printed)


1265-4000 SPM Flex CC-S XP Hydrides
1265-4001 SPM Flex CC-S XP Mineral Acids*
1265-4002 SPM Flex CC-S XP Chlorine
1265-4003 SPM Flex CC-S XP Ammonia
1265-4004 SPM Flex CC-S Fluorine Oxidizers
1265-4005 SPM Flex CC-S Sulfur Dioxide
1265-4006 SPM Flex CC-S Diisocyanates
1265-4007 SPM Flex CC-S XP Phosgene
1265-4008 SPM Flex CC-S Hydrazine
1265-4009 SPM Flex CC-S Hydrogen Cyanide
1265-4010 SPM Flex CC-S Hydrogen Peroxide
1265-4011 SPM Flex CC-S Ozone
1265-4012 SPM Flex CC-S-U XP Mineral Acids
1265-3000 SPM Flex CC XP Hydrides (90)
1265-3001 SPM Flex CC XP Mineral Acids (90)*
1265-3002 SPM Flex CC XP Chlorine (90)
1265-3003 SPM Flex CC XP Ammonia (90)
1265-3004 SPM Flex CC Fluorine Oxidizers (30)
1265-3005 SPM Flex CC Sulfur Dioxide (30)
1265-3006 SPM Flex CC Diisocyanates (30)
1265-3007 SPM Flex CC XP Phosgene (90)
1265-3008 SPM Flex CC Hydrazine (30)
1265-3010 SPM Flex CC Hydrogen Peroxide (30)
1265-3011 SPM Flex CC Ozone (30)
1265-3012 SPM Flex CC-U XP Mineral Acids (90)

*Chemcassettes marked with asterisk are dual use items and should not be sold to restricted countries.


1265A0070 Main PCB
1265A0074 User interface / display PCB
1265-0153 User interface ribbon cable
1265A0080 RFID PCB
1265A0321 RFID/Hall Effect cable assembly
1265A0511 Hall effect PCB
1265-0167 9 Cell Battery pack (factory only)
0140-0013 Coin battery CR2302 Energizer
1265A0413 Pump 1265A0404 Optics and Gate motor assembly
1265A0422 Tape advance stepper motor
1265-0035 Clear door
1265A0182 Replacement latch assembly for clear door
1265-0082 Power switch / USB cover
1265-0165 Warning label for power switch / USB cover
1265-0036 Clear door gasket
SPMF-DCET Dust cover For Ethernet port SPMF-DCET
SPMF-DCCO Dust cover For communication port SPMF-DCCO
SPMF-DCPO Dust cover For power port
1265-0174 Packaging kit for SPM Flex
874333 North America (120VAC) Power Cord
874557 Australia Power Cord
874558 Great Britain
874559 Denmark
874560 Switzerland
874561 Europe
1874-0112 Japan (100VAC)
0235-0095 Union fitting - use to connect disposable end of line filter to tubing
102599 Tubing 1/4" O.D x 1/8" I.D. FEP - for sample inlet, price per foot
100440 Tubing polypropylene 1/4" O.D. x 3/15" I.D - for exhaust, price per foot
1991-0147 Corrosive end of line filter
780248 Standard end of line filter
871134 Small acid scrubber / filter
710235 Standard size acid scrubber / filter

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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