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Gemu High Purity Valves & Flowmeters

High Purity valves for the Microelectronics, Solar and Pharmaceutical industries

  Series: CleanStar (PFA), pureplus (PVDF, PP)
  Nominal size: DN 4 - DN 100 (¼" - 4")
  Operating pressure: 0 - 10 bar (up to PN 10)
  Max. operating temp.: 0 to 90°C
  Body materials: PFA, PFA Inliner-PVDF Outliner, PVDF, PP
  Body configuration: Straight through body (2/2-way valve), T-valve ( 3/2-way valve), 3/4-way valve, optional multi-port valves
  Operator: Manual, pneumatic, motorized

High Purity fittings, pressure measurement systems and flowmeters

  FlareStarR - PFA-Fittings DN 1/4"-1 1/4", nuts from PFA, PVDF (CPFA on request)
  HydraLineR - Pressure measurement systems with PFA pressure transmitter, dry solution and transmitter fluid available
  TubeStarR - PFA tube DN 1/4"-1 1/4"
  SonicLineR - Ultrasonic flowmeter 3/8"-1" and 0.06 l/min - 120 l/min

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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