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Gemu Measurement Systems, Indicators & Controllers

Measurement systems and display units

  Pressure measurement systems - Pressure transmitter, pressure measurement device, differential pressure transmitter, differential pressure measurement device
  Flow measurement systems - Flowmeter (variable area principle), magnetically inductive flowmeter, fl ow transmitter (turbine measurement principle)
  Level measurement systems - Float, ultrasonic, vibration, capacitance, optical
  Temperature measurement systems - Temperature transmitter, temperature measuring unit PT100

Electrical position indicators

  For monitoring linear and quarter turn valves
  Mechanical switches and proximity switches
  Monitoring of set limiting values and/or continuous valve position feedback
  New "self-learning" generation, i.e. manual or automatic end position programming during initialisation
  Combi switchboxes with integrated pilot valve
  ATEX versions
  Versions with field bus capability

Position and process controllers

  Three-point controllers for position control of motorized valves
  Electro-pneumatic position controllers for pneumatically operated valves with quarter turn or linear actuators
  Electro-pneumatic process controllers for pneumatically operated valves for precise temperature, pressure, flow and level control
  Direct and remote mounting
  Versions with field bus capability

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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Measurement Systems, Indicators & Controllers

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