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Hach Lange 2100 Series Laboratory Turbidimeters

Hach turbidimeters are the preferred choice of water quality managers around the world, because they are engineered to provide superior accuracy and sensitivity in any application.

Since Hach introduced the first laboratory turbidimeter for testing drinking water more than 30 years ago, our optical system has evolved continuously.

Now - with new advances in optics, digital signal processing, control and self-diagnostic software - these are still the world's most versatile and reliable laboratory turbidimeters.

Which 2100 Series Turbidimeter is right for you?

Choose the right light source -

Choose a tungsten light source to comply with U.S. EPA 180.1 requirements, or an LED to comply with European ISO 7027 Turbidity Measurement Standards.

Otherwise, choose a light source that matches the parameters of your application. For samples with very small particles, a tungsten lamp is preferred for its shorter wavelengths and greater sensitivity in the low range of turbidity (< 1 NTU).

For colored samples - in industries such as foods, petrochemicals and pharmaceutical processing - the LED is generally superior. (Hach's Ratio Measurement mode is also an effective method of reducing color interference. For the greatest possible reduction of color and other sample interferences, use an LED-based turbidimeter and Ratio Measurement.)

Choose the right level of performance -

The 2100N and 2100N IS are ideal for daily analytical tasks or for regulatory monitoring. Step-by-step menus guide you through calibration, normal operation and diagnostics. Advanced features like Ratio Measurement and signal averaging ensure that your results will be accurate and consistent in all conditions.

The 2100AN and 2100AN IS are ideal for research, process monitoring and product control at any level of turbidity - up to 10,000 NTU. Programmable signal averaging, calibration curves, recorder outputs and a built-in printer are powerful tools for optimizing your test procedures and managing your results.

Data Sheet

  With a back-scatter detector, 2100AN and 2100AN IS models are uniquely equipped to measure high levels of turbidity (up to 10,000 NTU) with excellent accuracy.

  With Ratio Measurement turned off, the instrument uses only the 90-degree detector to provide a pure nephelometric measure of turbidity.

  In Ratio Measurement mode, an array of additional detectors provide data that make 2100 Series Turbidimeters even more versatile. Hach's patented Ratio Measurement system reduces color interference and maintains calibration stability.

Hach 2100 Series Turbidimeters. The primary standard for versatility, accuracy and value.

Hach makes a 2100 Series Turbidimeter for virtually every application - and every model includes technology and reliability you won't find anywhere else.

Regardless of your requirements for regulatory compliance, accuracy, or sensitivity at extremely high or low levels of turbidity, there is a 2100 Series Turbidimeter that meets your needs exactly.

StablCal Stabilized Formazin Standards - No preparation, fast calibration.

Hach's patented StablCal Stabilized Formazin is true non-toxic Formazin, not a synthetic - as required by ISO 7027 and EPA 180.1. It scatters light exactly like a freshly diluted, conventional formazin standard.

But StablCal is delivered at precisely the concentration you need. It requires no preparation before you use it, and its stability is guaranteed for a minimum of one year.

Laboratory accessories

A complete selection of accessories are available to speed up routine testing and improve the accuracy of your test results. Flow cell kits - including a high-pressure flow cell - convert your testing process into a nearly continuous operation.

Sample conditioning accessories and special filter modules help eliminate error caused by entrained gases and color interference.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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