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Grant Instruments Index

Grant Instruments is a company name which has become synonymous with high quality laboratory equipment. The world-famous brand designs and manufactures a wide range of products for use in routine laboratory applications for analytical, diagnostic and research purposes.

Based near Cambridge, England, Grant Instruments is an independent, privately owned company. Grant Instruments was founded in 1951.

Key groups of products within the Grant Instruments range include temperature controlled baths and circulators for heating and refrigerating, shaking baths for agitating samples, dry block heaters for incubating samples and ultrasonic baths for cleaning. Additionally, Grant Instrument's developing product range even includes the areas of data acquisition and data analysis, under the Grant Squirrel brand.

Additionally, Grant Instruments has designed and produced a range of more specialist laboratory equipment for very specific applications, such as blood warming baths, Gerber baths for dairies, high temperature baths and inspissators for the production of tuberculosis culture medium.

Since the company's formation, Grant Instruments has developed and marketed hundreds of different products, so you can be comforted by the fact that when you use a piece of equipment from Grant Instruments, you know it's been developed using extensive experience and know-how.

Circulating Baths

LTC4 Refrigerated Circulating Baths
LT ecocool Refrigerated/Heating Circulating Baths
Heated Circulating Bath Range
RC Series Recirculating Chillers
Refrigerated Circulating Bath Range

Dry Block Heaters

BTD Dry Block Heating System
BT5D Digital Block Heater
QBD/QBH Series (Digital)

High Temperature Bath/Circulators

HED Series



Shaking Water Baths

LSB Aqua Pro
OLS Aqua Pro

Sous Vide

Pasto Premium Sous Vide Water Baths
Primo Sous Vide Water Bath
Vortice Portable Immersion Circulator

Ultrasonic Water Baths

XUB Series
XUBA Series

Unstirred Water Baths

JB Academy
JB Nova
SBB Aqua Plus Series
SUB Aqua Pro

Nickel Electro
Nickel Electro Index

Beginning life in 1941, continued investment and development has seen Nickel Electro grow into one of the world's leading manufacturers of laboratory instruments.

Nickel Electro is a family owned, independent company, based in South West England. Nickel Electro is most famous for the design and manufacture of the hugely popular Clifton Food Range of temperature controlled equipment and instrumentation. This range includes stirred and unstirred waterbaths, shaking waterbaths, innovative Duobaths and digital hotplates.

As well as laboratory instrumentation, Nickel Electro also designs and manufacturers laboratory consumables in a variety of different materials such as stainless steel, nickel and aluminium. This range compliments the Clifton Food Range, providing the customers with a single source of many different types of laboratory instrument.

Nickel Electro products are all manufactured within their own factory, which helps ensure that the highest standard of quality control are always kept in place and lead times are monitored closely. This attention to the running of Nickel Electro has seen the company accredited to IS09002 since 1991.

DU Series Ultrasonic Heated Baths

FL28D 28l Digital Sous Vide Bath

FL14D 14l Digital Sous Vide Bath

FLD-14/14 14l Digital Duobath

FLD-8/8 8l Digital Duobath

FL4CA Portable Clip-on Digital Immersion Circulator

MU Series Ultrasonic Unheated Baths

IKA Index

IKA began it's life back in 1910, growing into today's world leading brand within most of the product groups. IKA employs over 800 people spread over four continents.

IKA is proud to have some well known customers to serve including BASF, Bayer and Procter & Gamble.

Based in Staufen, IKA has expanded it's product range, now manufacturing a remarkable line-up of devices including magnetic stirrers, overheard stirrers, dispersers, shakers, mills, rotary evaporators, lab reactors, and calorimeters.

IKA products are known throughout the world for their high level of quality and fulfil the toughest demands when it comes to aspects such as functionality, technology and aesthetics. Various awards and regular patent applications showcase the innovative power of IKA.


EH 4 Basic Immersion Thermostat
IC Basic Thermostat
IC Control Thermostat
HBC 5 Basic Thermostat
HBC 5 Control Thermostat
HBC 10 Basic Thermostat
HBC 10 Control Thermostat

Water Baths

HB 10 Digital Heating Bath
HBR 4 Digital Heating Bath

Stuart Index

The Stuart range of benchtop science equipment comprises over 100 products including block heaters, blood tube rotators, colony counters, hotplates, stirrers, rockers and shakers, rotary evaporators and water baths.

Stuart are also market leaders in melting point apparatus and water stills, with the Aquatron and Merit ranges.

All Stuart benchtop equipment is manufactured in our ultra modern facility. We are committed to constant product improvement and innovation.

Water Baths

SWB6D Digital Water Bath - BUY ONLINE
SWB15D Digital Water Bath - BUY ONLINE
SWB24D Digital Water Bath - BUY ONLINE
SBS40 Shaking Water Bath - BUY ONLINE

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