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Ohaus Scales - Defender 7000 Series Advanced General Purpose Indicator, Bases and Bench Scales

Advanced Functionality, Durability, Ohaus Quality & Value

The OHAUS Defender 7000 Series is an advanced multifunctional line of indicators, bases and bench scales that is ideal for shipping and receiving, production, packing and general commercial, industrial and lab applications. Combining an ABS plastic T71P indicator with painted steel bases and columns, the Defender 7000 offers multifunctionality and multiple weighing units, alpha-numeric keypad and enhanced software modes. With rugged construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software, multiple connectivity, battery operation and configurable mounting, the Defender 7000 is a flexible one-stop solution for your demanding weighing operations.





D15QR, D15HR, D30QR, D30HR, D60HR, D60QL, D60HL, D150QL, D150HX, D300QX and D300HX.


D71P15QR1, D71P15HR1, D71P30QR1, D71P30HR1, D71P60HR1, D71P60QL2, D71P60HL2, D71P150QL2, D71P150HX2, D71P300QX2 and D71P300HX2.

Standard Features Include:

  ABS plastic indicator with resolutions up to 1:50000d/1:10000e and drives up to 8 x 350 load cells, bases with stainless steel pans, painted carbon steel frames and columns, OIML R60 approved IP67 aluminum load cells
  Scale displayed resolutions 1:12000-15000 (with temporary 10x high resolution display), approvable to 1:3000e, single and dual range operation
  Reversible rear housing for convenient orientation of cables, and flexible mounting (column and front mount) with angle-adjustable bracket
  Quick indication of results using large dual-line backlit LCD with high-contrast backlight, 3-color checkweigh LED with configurable setpoint beeper
  Multiple enhanced functionalities, such as: Counting, Percent, Dynamic, Display Hold, Checkweigh/count, Accumulation and Statistics, 256 Library Memory, Alpha-numeric Keypad, 5-language text display, GMP data output with time/date, Zero and 3-5 point Linearity Calibration, kg-g-lb-lb:oz-tonne-custom units
  Universal 110-230V power supply or 6 "C" batteries (80 hour operation), with optional NiMH internal rechargeable battery kit
  Built-in dual scale connection, RS232 interface and external input, with optional 2nd RS232, RS422/485, AC and DC relay kits
  Store, view and print over 262,000 date & time-stamped records with the available Alibi memory kit

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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