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Ohaus Mechanical Balances

The industry standard for over 100 years!

Ever since the OHAUS Harvard Trip balance set the standard by which an industry would be measured, both OHAUS products and name have been recognised as among the most reliable in the business. Today our mechanical balances continue to provide solid, accurate performance and durability for long-term reliability.

Whether you are looking for a sturdy balance for teaching children the priciples of mass measurement, a precision balance for the laboratory or you need a sturdy balance for tough environments, you will find the ideal product within the OHAUS mechanical family.

  Complete range for industrial, laboratory and classroom usage
  Rugged and durable designs - features such as self-aligning bearings, overload stops and transportation locks ensure longevity*
  Precision weighing - Up to 0.01g readibility, magnetic damping to prevent oscillation and precision engineered metal beams for accurate poise positioning"
  User-friendly - Easy-read beams, carry handles, tare capability and Vernier dial on some models

Dial-O-Gram and Cent-O-Gram Balances

Favorites in classrooms and industries worldwide, the Cent-O-Gram balance offers high precision and remarkable value. The three-point base, special floating bearing principle and beam design eliminates the need for level adjustment. Zeroing is quickly achieved by means of a zero adjust knob at the end of the beam. With aluminum pressure castings for the base and beam assembly, agate bearings, steel knife-edges, and stainless steel pan, everything about the Cent-O-Gram and Dial-o-gram ensures a high standard of quality.

Standard Features Include:

  High precision (0.01g) and remarkable value
  Three-point beam eliminates need for level adjustment
  Quick-zeroing with zero adjust knob
  Vernier dial convenience on Dial-o-Gram (model 310-00)

Triple Beam 700 and Dial-O-Gram

Accurate and dependable, the original OHAUS Triple Beam balances have been the standard for decades and accommodate a range of laboratory and education applications.

Standard Features Include:

  3x faster stability reading than any other 3-beam balance on the market
  The outstanding quality of the beam allows for smooth positioning of the poise, resulting in superior measurement
  Tare beam on 1650-00 and 760-00 models to allow containers up to 225g to be balanced out
  The Dial-O-Gram (model 1650-00) combines the convenience of directreading dial calibration with the speed of magnetic damping
  Capacity to 2610g with optional weight set
  Under balance weighing possibility for density determination with optional rod and clamp kit

Triple Pro

The OHAUS Triple Pro mechanical balance offers it all: The superior quality and durability you've come to expect from OHAUS, plus all the extras to satisfy every activity requiring a balance.

Standard Features Include:

  Unique, easy-grip carrying handle
  Two security features are included to prevent theft; a security loop and a Kensington-type lock (cables sold separately)
  Convenient on-board storage compartment for the included weight set
  A built-in transportation/storage lock helps to protect the longevity by minimizing wear on the knives and bearings
  Includes rod & clamp assembly for below-balance weighing (specific gravity determination)

Triple Beam Junior

Rugged and affordable, the OHAUS TJ611 Triple Beam Junior balance offers a solid track record of performance for a reasonable price.

Standard Features Include:

  Rugged OHAUS construction stands strong in the most rigorous classrooms
  Integrated security bracket (cable sold separately)
  Three notched and tiered beams provide ease in reading
  Spring loaded zero adjust compensator
  Magnetic damping minimizes oscillation and speeds weighing
  610g capacity (TJ611) or 2610g capacity (TJ2611)

Harvard Trip - 1400 and 1500

OHAUS Harvard Trip balances feature the advantages of magnetic damping, beams with sliding weights and a choice of weighing platforms.

Standard Features Include:

  Highly versatile and rugged
  Built-in sliding masses - one beam (10g x 0.1g) on 1450-SD, 2 beams (10g x 0.1g and 200g x 10g) on 1550 and 1560
  Under balance weighing possibility for density determination with optional rod and clamp kit

Harvard Junior

The Harvard Junior offers the combination of a colorful plastic two-pan balance with the durability and accuracy of the more expensive Harvard Trip, by incorporating a precision-engineered metal beam and zero adjust compensator.

Standard Features Include:

  Dual style, interchangeable pans (flat plate and bowl-type) allow for a broader range of objects to be weighed
  Stackable on either platform to maximize storage space when not in use
  Built-in transportation/storage lock helps to protect its longevity by eliminating oscillation and preventing unnecessary wear
  Includes 8-piece weight set and a free teacher-developed activity guide

School Balance

The OHAUS SB1200 School Balance is the ideal teaching tool to introduce children to the science of metrology. With a capacity of 2000 grams and a pivoting beam that provides accuracy to 0.5g, mass measurements can be achieved for a variety of classroom objects.

Standard Features Include:

  Interchangeable pans are removable for pouring, cleaning and storing
  Lightweight, yet durable plastic design
  Dual pointers allow reading from both sides
  Easy to use zero adjustment
  Moulded handles for portability
  Standard package includes an 18-piece plastic mass set (1 to 50g)

Primer Balance

An inexpensive tool for teaching the basic concepts of mass and mass measurement, the PrimerTM Balance is easy to use and clean, yet sensitive to 1g. Each bucket has a volume of 500ml, which makes it ideal for many simple classroom experiments, with both liquids and solids.

Standard Features Include:

  Made of virtually unbreakable plastic
  Easy to clean
  Inexpensive, yet accurate

Heavy Duty Solution Balance

The Heavy Duty Solution Balance has set an industry standard for precision in high-capacity weighing. Durable enough to resist corrosion, this precise balance also weighs with a feather touch, down to 1g over the whole weighing range. The included slotted weights, stored in the base, extend the capacity to 20kg.

Standard Features Include:

  Oversized stainless steel plate for larger sized containers
  Constructed of epoxy powder-coated cast aluminium, which is resistant to most commonly used acids
  Positive load stops
  Lockable tare for containers up to 2270g
  Magnetic damping speeds the weighing process
  Self-aligning bearings assure a long, maintenance-free life

Field Test Balance

The affordable OHAUS Field Test Scales are compact industrial scales that provide accurate weighings of a wide range of heavy materials in applications such as road construction, soil testing, archaeological digs, mineral analysis.

The large, stabilized pan can hold oversized samples without tipping, and the weighted base keeps the entire scale stable for accurate results.

Standard Features Include:

  Large black epoxy coated steel pan
  Readings up to 500g from a single, sliding-weight beam (16kg with included weight set)
  Slotted weight set stored in base


Models in this range include the 311-00, 310-00, 119-DO, 2400-11, TJ2611, TJ611, 1650-00, 710-00, 750-S0, 760-00, TP2610, 1450-SD, 1550-SD, 1650-SD, HJ2001, SB1200 and 80410-00.



Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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