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Type 300D Portable Precision Pressure Meter


 Hand/held and easy to operate
 Selectable units of pressure  
 Battery operated, up to 200 hrs life
Housed in robust plastic case General Description

The type 300D portable pressure meter is a digital unit designed for the calibration and test of pneumatic instruments and systems.

With Automatic Zero Calibration for added accuracy, a back-light for easy reading and standard set-up retention to ensure the last setting remains on the unit when re-powered.

Portable Precision Pressure Meter 300D

Functional Symbol


Technical Data
Technical Details
Input pressure Up to 150 psig, 10bar 100kpa
Over pressure Over range protection: 'OUT' also shows on display
Pressure Media Dry non corrosive air or gas. The units are not suitable for continuous liquid exposure
Display 12.7mm/0.5" LCD
Power 2* AA (or equivalent) batteries
Consumption Batteries last approx 200 hours
Low battery voltage Display shows symbol at approximately 6.5V
Auto Switch-off Approximately 12 minutes
Casing Moulded plastic, black finish
Dimensions 150*80*30mm
Weight 180g (inc. battery)
Max/Min: Enables max/min pressures to be determined, as well as current operating pressure
Hold Freezes the reading
Unit Choice of 10 units of pressure
Zero To Zero the instrument in the set reading orientation
Range Lock To set the instrument to the lower resolution only
Smooth Averages measurements for a more stable reading

+/- 0.1% FS

Hysteresis / Linearity +/- 0.15% FS +/- 1 digital total
Temperature Coefficients
- Zero
- Span

+/0.0025% FS/C Max
+/0.0025% FS/C Max
Stability over 6 months +/- 0.2% Maximum
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Note Figures given are typical and not absolute for all units manufactured

Ordering Information
Range Standard
0-10.00 bar 53603500D


All units are individually tested and a certificate is supplied with every unit


Type 300D Brochure

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