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Multifunctional Electro Pneumatic Converter
TYPE 440


 High precision
 4-20mA feedback as standard
 Signal failure indicator
 Failure mode selector

General Description

Type 440 electro-pneumatic converters combine high precision pneumatic performance with input signal versatility for use with computer and microprocessor based control systems. The type 440 converter accepts a 4-20mA standard control signal or voltage equivalents. Standard additional features includes 4-20mA feedback, signal failure indication and selection of failure mode. These converters are intended for applications in which
conventional two wire I/P converters are inadequate.

Type 440 Multi-Functional Electro-Pneumatic Converter

Technical Data
*Casing Diecast zinc alloy, black stove enamel finish
*Mounting Upright, integral mounting bracket (although other mounting orientations are acceptable without recalibration)
*Pneumatic connections 1/4” NPT
*Electrical connections Via cable glands to Klippon terminal block
*Controls Trimpots - Span, zero (control and
feedback), response rate
Switches - Signal freeze or instrument
drives down scale, input signal
Relay - Power/signal (isolated contact
pair in relay, NC if signal and power
supply present - contact rating - 50VA)
*Weight 2.5Kg
*IP. Rating IP65
*Temperature Stability
-5°C to +45°C ±0.03%/°C FS change
-10°C to +60°C ±0.05%/°C FS change
Compliant with the requirements of the EMC directive, assessed against. BS EN50082-2: 1995,BS EN50081-2: 1994. £±4% FS susceptibility observed under all test conditions when screened cable is used connected both at source and instrument ends. CE marked.
*Note: Instrument performance is guaranteed within the band 5 to 95% of range. Performance variations may exist outside this range.
*Output Signal 3bar (0.2psig); minimum outlet pressure. Maximum; less than 7bar (100psig)
*Air Supply Up to 100psig (7bar);with optional filter regulator-150psig (10bar). Dry, non corrosive air filtered to 5microns
*Flow Capacity Up to 280Nl/min
*Air Consumption Low pressure - 0.2l/min typical
High pressure - 0.4l/min typical
*Response Time 5 seconds (from 10 to 90% of output pressure)
*Linearity ± 0.5% FS
*Total Error ±0.5% of span typical, independent error (includes combined effect of hysteresis, deadzone and repeatability)
*Stability (6 months) 0.25%(span/zero)
*Failfreeze stability <±-2% setpoint/hour
*Supply Voltage 4-20mA (two wire);
*Input Signal 230Ohm
*Input Common Mode
Voltage Limit(see note 2)
0 to +5V max (control I/p -ve to supply -ve)
*Input impedance 4-20mA 250W; 1-5V, 2-10V 10kW
*Feedback Signal 4-20mA (o/p voltage 12V max)
*Note 1: Voltage feedback obtainable via load resistor. 1 to 5V - 250W , 2 to 10V - 500W
*Note 2: The electronic circuit is designed to eliminate the common-mode voltage error which can occur due to resistance of long cables (max. resistance 250W)

Ordering Information
Output Pressure Order Code
3-15psig 53870100R
0.2-1bar 53872100R
0-100psig 53871600R
0-7bar 53873600R



TYPE 440 Brochure

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