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Rugged Electronic Pressure Converter
TYPE 443


 4-20mA feedback
 Failsafe or fail in position
 High accuracy

General Description

The type 443 electro-pneumatic converter is designed for demanding process control applications in which stability, ruggedness and versatility are essential. It accepts a variety of analogue signal inputs, including 4-20mA, and has built-in auto/manual control facilities for
raise/lower switch or potentiometer control.

This model is an improved version of the well established
440 electro pneumatic converter with increased flexibility, convenience and ruggedisation.

Type 443 Rugged Electronic Pressure Converter

Technical Data
*Casing Diecast zinc alloy, grey stove enamel finish: hinged lid
*Mounting Surface mount through integral fixing holes, any orientation
*Pneumatic connections 1/4” NPT
*Electrical connections Via cable glands to 16mm Klippon terminal block




Span, zero (control and feedback),response rate

Signal failfreeze or instrument fail safe. Input signal selection. Auto/Manual select (biased Auto). Raise/lower switches. Remote/Manual
switches or potentiometer select.

Power/signal/Auto isolated contact
pair in relay. Contact rating -50VA. Indicates if converter is in auto
condition, and valid control and power present.

Indicates power control signal present, and out-of-balance signal difference between auto and manual signals.
*Vibration No effect
*Weight 2.3Kg
*IP. Rating IP65
*Temperature Stability
-5°C to +45°C ±0.03%/°C FS change
-10°C to +60°C ±0.05%/°C FS change
Compliant with the requirements of the EMC directive, assessed against. BS EN50082-2: 1995,BS EN50081-2: 1994. ±4% FS susceptibility observed under all test conditions when screened cable is used connected both at source and instrument ends. CE marked.
*Output Signal Outlet pressure min: 3bar(0.2psig); max; less than 7bar (100psig)
*Air Supply Up to 100psig (7bar). Dry, non corrosive air filtered to 5microns
*Flow Capacity Up to 280Nl/min
*Air Consumption Low pressure - 0.2l/min typical
High pressure - 0.4l/min typical
*Response Time
(adjustable over
approx 10:1 range)
10-90% or 90-10% FS step: 5 sec
max ±10% change 2 sec max
*Linearity ± 0.5% FS
*Total Error ±0.5% of span typical, independent error (combined effect of hysteresis, deadzone and repeatability)
*Stability (6 months) 0.25%(span/zero)
*Failfreeze stability <±-2% setpoint/hour
Note: Instrument performance is guaranteed within the band 5 to 95% of range. Performance variations may exist outside this range.
*Supply Voltage 24V ± 20%d.c.100mA
*Input Signal 4-20mA, 1-5V, 2-10V (selected by switch and connection)
*Input Common Mode
Voltage Limit
0 to +5V max (control I/p -ve to supply -ve)
*Input impedance 4-20mA 250W; 1-5V, 2-10V: 10kW
*Feedback Signal 4-20mA (o/p voltage 12V max)
*Note Voltage feedback obtainable via load resistor.
*LED signal 1-5V: 250W; 2-10V: 500W
*External potentiometer Nominal 10mA drives for out-of balance LEDs
*External raise/lower/
auto manual switches
Nominally 1kW ± 50W

Ordering Information
Output Pressure Order Code
3-15psi 53920100
0-100psi 53921600
0.2-1bar 53922100
0-7bar 53923600



TYPE 443 Brochure

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