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P/I Transmitter and Converter - Type 68

This product is now obsolete.


 DIN Rail or surface mounting
 Weatherproof and uses non-critical power supplies   
 A wide range of pressure inputs available General Description

This instrument converts pneumatic pressure into electrical signals for use with data loggers, computers and microprocessors. The Type 68 is a two wire pressure/current device. This use only non-critical power supplies.

P/I Converter Type 68

Functional Symbol

Technical Data
Air Supply Dry non corrosive air or gas. The units are not suitable for continuous liquid exposure
Air consumption Nil
Pressure Ranges See ordering information
Over pressure At least 100% with negligible calibration error, except for 10bar (150psig) models which are 13.5bar (200psig) maximum
Connections 1/8" NPT female
*Operating Temperature -10°C to +60°C
*IP Rating IP54
Electromagnetic Compatibility Compliant and CE marked in accordance with the EC E.M.C directive. Tested to standards: BS EN50082-2: 1995 BS EN50081-2: 1994
Material of Construction Casing: extruded aluminium, zinc diecast end plates; Nitrile diaphragms. Transducer: composite construction, mainly nickel, aluminium. Kovar, silicon rubber / gel. PCB: epoxy glass fibre
Mass 200g
Mounting (1) DIN rail. clips fit TS32 and TS35 rail (2) Direct pipe mounting
Electronic Connection Standard - Klippon terminal block to accept cables up to 2.5mm² Weatherproof - 16mm square connector to DIN43650 to accept cable up to 6mm diameter with conductors of 0.75mm²
Supply Voltage 9-30V Continuous
Output 4-20mA
Voltage Drop 9V min. (across unit)
Load resistance 750 ohms Max. (24V supply)

Ordering Information
Range Standard Weatherproof
3-15psig 53680100 53680110
0-150psig 53681500 536801510
0-100mbar   53689610
0-200mbar   53689310
0.2-1bar 53682100 53682110
0-4bar 53683300 53683310


All units are individually tested and a certificate is supplied with every unit


Type 68 Brochure

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68 P/I Converter

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