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Cropico Series 3000 Digital Thermometer


Cropico has produced a family of precision digital thermometers, the series 3000. Three units, all with 1 Millikelvin resolution for RTDs, are offered with a range of standard features and a list of "mix-and-match" options which will provide a very high degree of flexibility.

The units can be used by Quality Assurance departments throughout the process industries for calibrating temperature probes, particularly in ISO-9000 applications, and they also have wide-ranging use where high accuracy temperature measurement is essential and where values have to be stored for data processing.

Two-channel input provides A, B or A-B measurement on an LCD display, and front panel keys are provided for the most commonly used functions. Pull-down menus provide further functions, such as the selection of thermocouples. Probe characteristics can be stored for optimum accuracy, and the measuring current can be reduced by half power to check the probe's self heating. Other features include mains or rechargeable battery operation, with built-in charger, and two interface options - RS232 and IEEE- 488 - by plug-in cards. An analogue output, via a BNC socket, is another option.

The 3000 series include an inbuilt data logger which can store upto 4000 date and time stamped readings. Recall the data from the front panel or send to a PC via either RS232 or IEEE both of which are options.

The 3000 series offer ease of use. Password protected digital calibration and a large clear backlit LCD graphics panel ensure the 3000 series are easy for all levels to use.

The 3000 series have the ability to take reverse measurements switching the polarity then computing the average to eliminate the error source. This reduces the thermal E.M.F. which most resistance thermometers suffer from. The thermal E.M.F error can be greater than the quoted accuracy of an instrument. If you need small measurement uncertainy for high temperature PRT work, you need this feature.

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Series 3000 Digital Thermometer

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