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Crowcon Clip and Clip+

Reliable and durable fixed life monitoring in a compact and maintenance free solution. Designed to withstand the harshest industrial working conditions the Crowcon Clip:

  Ensures worker safety
  Reduces training time
  Removes the need for service and maintenance
  Offers adjustable alarm levels
  Real time gas reading or life left indication
  Self test functionality
  C-Test gas test and calibration station
  Event log with IR interface
  Programmable unit identification
  On screen and LED Gas (Bump) Test due indication

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Crowcon Clip:

  2 year life
  H2S, CO and O2 options

Crowcon Clip+:

  Hibernate functionality for contractor/rental fleets
  24 months operation over 3 years
  H2S and CO options

Data Sheet

Ordering Information

Crowcon Clip

CC-H-2 Crowcon Clip H2S 2/5ppm
CC-H-5 Crowcon Clip H2S 5/10ppm
CC-H-10 Crowcon Clip H2S 10/15ppm
CC-C-25 Crowcon Clip CO 25/50ppm
CC-C-30 Crowcon Clip CO 30/100ppm
CC-C-35 Crowcon Clip CO 35/50ppm
CC-O-19 Crowcon Clip O2 19/23.5%
CC-O-19.5 Crowcon Clip O2 19.5/23.5%

Crowcon Clip+

CCP-H-2 Crowcon Clip+ H2S 2/5ppm
CCP-H-5 Crowcon Clip+ H2S 5/10ppm
CCP-H-10 Crowcon Clip+ H2S 10/15ppm
CCP-C-25 Crowcon Clip+ CO 25/50ppm
CCP-C-30 Crowcon Clip+ CO 30/100ppm
CCP-C-35 Crowcon Clip+ CO 35/50ppm

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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