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Crowcon Gas-Tec Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

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The Gas-Tec offers outstanding performance and reliability for detecting hydrocarbon gases at very low concentration levels. Using Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) technology, the Gas-Tec is the benchmark for quick and cost-effective gas leak detection.

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Gas-Tec is simple to use, easily transported to difficult to reach locations and is able to detect gas leaks in less than 2 seconds.

When vehicle mounted on to the optional Trigger unit, Gas-Tec coverts to a high speed survey instrument capable of operating at up to 30 km/h.

With over 5,500 units sold to gas utilities worldwide, Gas-Tec has been proven to reduce leakage and shrinkage from gas distribution networks and will demonstrate a quick return on your investment.


  Hydrocarbon leaks from 1 to 10,000ppm
  Extended range to 100,000ppm with optional range extender
  Response time of less than 2 seconds
  Proven FID technology for reliability and speed


  Robust design with shoulder strap
  Quick fasten probes and accessories
  Highly portable at 3.7kg
  Easy to reach around pipe work, flanges and other hard to reach areas
  Rechargeable batteries last for 15 hours
  Up to 60 hours usage time from single H2 cylinder
  Optional Trigger for vehicular mounting and high speed surveying
  Complete with protective hard carry case

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  Geiger counter style click
  Crescendo alarm, rising with concentration levels
  Optional earphones for noisy or public areas


  Very quick to read analogue display with twin ranges
  Pump flow indicator for optimum sample flow
  Pressure dial for hydrogen cylinder pressure check
  Battery level indicator

Trigger Accessory

  Enables high speed vehicles surveys (30km/h)
  Complete with boom and sample tubes
  Output for data logging
  Gas-Tec can be easily removed for increased mobility

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User Manual

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