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Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus

The Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus is a flexible microprocessor controlled gas detection system that has been designed with a modular approach, which enables the user to get exactly the system they require.

This instrument can be found in use throughout the world, both for on and offshore applications, providing the most cost effecting solution for gas detection requirements.

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Simple to use

The Crowcon Gasmonitor Plus provides simple operation, yet doesn't compromise on flexability. All of the main day-to-day functions can be found on the front panel using push buttons.

As well as a rolling display, indicating the channel currently monitored, each channel has a bar graph display. This unique bar graph format is ranged to indicate readings below the first alarm setting, providing an instantaneous representation of the gas concentration on every detector.

Common alarm LEDs on the display card and individual alarms on the panel only light when a hazard or fault is detected. This means the whole rack status can be checked at a glance.

Flexible architecture

Each channel has three levels of alarm as well as a dedicated analogue output, set as 4-20 mA as standard.

Optional relay modules can interface to the panel to provide up to a total of 84 output relays per rack. Sixteen of these relays can be configured/ voted from a combination of the three levels of alarm per channel.

The RS232 digital interface provides connectivity with PC for configuration, monitoring and datalog upload. Each rack is uniquely addressable, making multi-drop architectures possible. This cuts down on configuration and monitoring cabling.

Data Sheet

Ground breaking design

Gasmonitor Plus is a microprocessor based expandable control system, which can be multiplied to offer unlimited channels and outputs.

Its modular construction provides ultimate customisation capacity with minimal wiring.

Gasmonitor Plus has industry standard analogue outputs, and the mechanical design is based on 19" Eurorack. This means that the Gasmonitor Plus will integrate fully with existing rack mounted protection systems on site.

The alochrome finish and rack screening plates ensure that the Gasmonitor Plus is impervious to radio frequency interferance.

Easy maintenance

Gasmonitor Plus has been designed with easy servicing and maintenance in mind. Each channel is inhibited separately so that plant safety is not compromised during maintenance checks.

Routine calibration can be achieved from the front panel. The one man calibration feature reduces the service overhead by half.

One universal gas card architecture controls all gas detectors. This reduces the spares holding required for Gasmonitor Plus maintenance. Each control card is fitted with its own dedicated micro-controller so it can function independently in the event of a single point failure.

Ordering Information

Gasmonitor Plus 19" Rack-Based Control System

GMON Rack only with power card, display module, input output module, operating manual, software and PC serial interface lead.
S01718/3 Universal gas detector input module
S01405/3 Twin zone fire input module

Input module membrane switches and blank channel labels (must be ordered separately)

E01762 Gasmonitor Plus universal input channel module membrane switch (blue/white)
E01763 Gasmonitor Plus fire module membrane switch (blue/white)
E01772 Gasmonitor Plus methane module membrane switch (blue/white)
M05732 Gasmonitor Plus blanking label (blue/white, one required for each un-used channel)

Power Supplies (required if the system is to be mains powered)

E01547 24V 300W power supply 100-260 Vac
E01675 24V 500W power supply 100-260 Vac
2171/1 24V 750W power supply 100-260 Vac

Optional items

S01404 Relay output module (eight DPCO relays per module)
M02186 RFI screening plate - used when rack is not supplied in an enclosure. 2 plates required.
M010006 Motherboard RFI screening cover, use in combination with above.
S011793 Inhibit module. Provides a 24Vdc output per channel to indicate when inputs are in an inhibit state. Lead time 4 weeks.

Batteries for system back-up in the event of mains-failure

E01006 Battery 12V 7Ah lead/acid
E01011 Battery 12V 17Ah lead/acid
E01007 Battery 12V 24Ah lead/acid
E01315 Battery 12V 38Ah lead/acid
E01316 Battery 12V 65Ah lead/acid
00144A Battery charger assembly

Gasmonitor Spares

S01401/3 Gasmonitor Plus Display module (English)
S01401/F Gasmonitor Plus Display module (French)
S01699/3 Back-plane (motherboard) assembly
E07366 Display module to back-plane (motherboard) ribbon cable
S01403 Input/output module
S01716 Power module
M02334 3U rack with card frame
C01316 Gasmonitor software and interface lead
C01327 Computer lead assembly 9 way - 9 way
M07210 Operation and installation manual
M05428 Gasmonitor blanking label (silver)
E01496 Gasmonitor universal input channel module membrane switch (silver)
E01508 Gasmonitor fire module membrane switch (silver)
E01495 Gasmonitor display module membrane switch (silver)
E01761 Gasmonitor Plus display module membrane switch (blue/white)
E01059 1A wire-ended fuse for input module (protects detector 24V supply).
C01192 Display module fixing kit. Replaces original plastic clips for securing the display PCB.
C03577 Spare keys (pack of 2) for Rittal EL series wall-mounted cabinets (2011 onwards)

Gasmonitor Ribbon Cables

00114A Gasmonitor 20-way ribbon cable assembly (relay module inter-connection, 100mm of ribbon cable supplied)
00150A 16-way ribbon cable (1m length)
00122A 16-way ribbon cable (2m length)
00193A 16-way ribbon cable (5m length)
00058A 20-way ribbon cable (1m length)
00147A 20-way ribbon cable (2m length)
00130A 20-way ribbon cable (3m length)
00133A 20-way ribbon cable (5m length)
00192A 34-way ribbon cable (5m length)
00149A 50-way ribbon cable (1m length)
00123A 50-way ribbon cable (2m length)
00194A 50-way ribbon cable (5m length)
00061A Set of 3 ribbon cables (16/34/50 way) (1m length)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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