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Crowcon Laser Methane Mini Gen2

Methane Detection at a Distance

The second generation LaserMethane mini Gen2 from Crowcon is changing the way methane leaks can be detected. Utilising laser technology, LaserMethane mini Gen2 (LMm) allows users to reliably and accurately detect methane, at a safe distance.

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Get results in seconds by simply pointing the laser beam towards the suspected leak, or along the survey line. This removes the need to access fenced-off, high level or other hard to reach areas.

Safety First

  Remote measurement and detection, up to 100 metres
  No specialist or special access equipment required to detect leaks
  ATEX approved for industrial use and now includes mining applications

Easy to Use

  Portable - truly hand-held
  Light weight, compact and robust design
  Intuitive menu
  Full colour numeric or graphical display

Flexible and Convenient

  User programmable alarm and offset levels
  Long battery life - allowing 6 hours of continuous operation from one battery
  Self-check and self-calibration at start-up, saves time and ensures consistent high performance and reliability

Accuracy and Reliability

  Responds specifically to methane
  Exceptional accuracy - detects even very low levels of methane
  Fast response time, typically 0.1 seconds

Data Sheet

Crowcon's LaserMethane mini Gen2 can accurately and reliably detect gas leaks from a distance. What was once a time and resource consuming activity can now be completed in seconds.

Measurement Principle - By pointing the LaserMethane mini Gen2 at a suspected leak or survey area, such as a gas pipe or ceiling, the concentration of methane is measured by detecting the difference between the light emitted and the light received.

In order to achieve high detection sensitivity and selectivity for methane, LaserMethane mini Gen2 uses a wavelength that both exhibits maximum adsorption and is unique to methane.

The methane column density is the concentration of methane between the detector and the target and is the product of the concentration of the methane cloud (ppm.m) and path length through the cloud (metres) and is reported in units of ppm.m.

Ordering Information

C01024 - LaserMethane mini SA3C32A, inc. 1 battery

C01023 - LaserMethane mini SA3C32A, inc. 2 batteries

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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