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Mettler Toledo Classic Analytical & Precision Balances

Simply Accurate, Built For Universal Use

This range is now obsolete. Please see the Sieving and Weighing index for the current range.

Free your mind, with simple weighing technology

Changes in temperature have a direct influence on the accuracy of your weighing results. Although we cannot alter physics, with FACT we can eliminate these influences automatically - and free your mind for more important tasks.

With Classic Plus balances from METTLER TOLEDO weighing becomes as worry-free as can be, leaving you sure of one thing: accurate results, in any climate.

All balances offer the following:

  FACT, fully automatic adjustment with an internal weight.
  Easy-to-use application programs built-in as standard: piece counting with simple reference selection, % weighing and dynamic weighing with automatic or manual start
  "Free Factor" for multiplication and division (except Classic balances).
  Weighing results in different units: kg, g, mg, lb, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, mo, m, tl.
  Weighing process adapter with four different settings assures optimal weighing performance.
  Vibration adapter. Damps influences due to vibrations and minor shocks, even in difficult environments (except Classic balances).
  High-grade chemical-resistant die-cast aluminium housing reliably protects the weighing cell and electronics.
  Brilliant backlit display (except 0.01 mg models).
  Protective cover encloses the entire housing preventing damage to the balance.
  Standard RS232C interface for connection to PC and printer.
  Hook for weighing below the balance.
  Certified versions of all models available.

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Our Classic Plus balances feature FACT, the Fully Automatic Calibration Technology from METTLER TOLEDO.

FACT automatically initiates the adjustment of your balance with internal weights whenever temperature changes risk affecting the accuracy of your weighing results.

You benefit twice: firstly, you are sure that your measurements are accurate under all conditions and, secondly, FACT saves you time and worry because you can forget those timeconsuming checks using external weights or a manuallytriggeredinternal adjustment.

Easy to use

The clear menu with easy-to-use application programs, a brilliant backlit display and simple cleaning make these balances ideal to work with every day.


All Classic Level balances are designed for a long service life.

Rugged metal housing, durable sensor keys and overload protection guarantee strong performance in laboratories as well as in harsh industrial environments.

Flexible with Free Factor

The "Free Factor" function might be used to multiply, in order calculate the price of say material weight directly.

Alternatively, to divide, in order calculate the weight per defined unit.

Models in the Classic Plus range include the AB135-S/FACT, AB265-S/FACT, AB54-S/FACT, AB104-S/FACT, AB204-S/FACT, AB304-S/FACT, PB153-S/FACT, PB303-S/FACT, PB303-SDR/FACT, PB403-S/FACT, PB503-S/FACT, PB602-S/FACT, PB1502-S/FACT, PB3002-S/FACT, PB3002-SDR/FACT, PB4002-S/FACT, PB1501-S/FACT, PB3001-S/FACT, PB5001-S/FACT, PB8001-S/FACT and the PB8000-S/FACT.

Models in the Classic range include the AB265-S, AB54-S, AB104-S, AB204-S, AB304-S, PB153-L, PB303-L, PB303-LDR, PB602-L,PB1502-L, PB3002-L, PB3002-LDR, PB1501-L, PB3001-L, PB5001-L, PB8001-L, PB8000-L, SB8001, SB12001, SB16001, SB16001DR, SB24001DR, SB32001DR, SB8000, SB16000 and the SB32000.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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