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Mettler Toledo Classic MS Balances

Precision Balances 0.01g

Whether you are carrying out a simple routine task or a complicated weighing procedure, New Classic balances will impress you with their excellent performance, delivering accurate results within the shortest possible time, thanks to MonoBloc and FACT. The proven MonoBloc weighing technology guarantees long operation life and extreme ruggedness, while FACT automatically adjusts the balances using internal weights, whenever changes in temperature affect the accuracy of your weighing results.

For added security, you can configure FACT to initiate self-calibration at specific times. Further guarantee for precision is given by the leveling of the balance: the adjustable feet and level indicator are now placed in front of the balance, for easy access and good visibility. Leaving you to concentrate on more important tasks, safe in the knowledge that your results will be precise.

  Error-free reading - Read the large brilliant numbers from the clear High Contrast Display (HCD) without any difficulties, even from a distance or at an awkward angle.

  Once level, always level - Fixable rear support LevelLock feet offer extra stabilizing safety, so the balance cannot tilt over under eccentric loads.

  Electromagnetic compatibility - The unique metal housing considerably reduces the effects of thunderstorms or electromagnetic interference from other equipment that may affect the weighing results.

  Easy Cleaning for Clear Results - Focus on more important tasks, minimizing the number of secondary operations, such as cleaning the balance or the glasses of the draft shield. With NewClassic balances, you can dismantle the complete draft shield or just the glasses in a few quick steps, without tools and without moving the balance.

The streamlined, ridge-free design of the NewClassic balances facilitates cleaning, offering a solution that is both practical and attractive.

The robust construction of the NewClassic balances makes them water- and dust-tight (IP54- in-use and IP65, depending on the model). As the housing is resistant to most chemicals, incl. acetone, you don't have to worry about using the most common cleaning agents.

Data Sheet

ModelEC Type ApprovedFirst Step ApprovedFully Automatic Internal CalibrationCapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
MS303S/01   320g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124489
MS303S/M01  320g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124491
MS303SE/01    320g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124611
MS403S/01   420g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124492
MS403S/M01  420g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124494
MS603S/01   620g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124498
MS603S/M01  620g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124500
MS1003S/01   1020g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124504
MS1003S/M01  1020g 0.001g 127x127mm 11124506
MS802S/01   820g 0.01g 127x127mm 11124510
MS802S/M01  820g 0.01g 127x127mm 11124512
MS1602S/01   1620g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124516
MS1602S/M01  1620g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124518
MS1602SE/01    1620g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124629
MS3002S/01   3200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124522
MS3002S/M01  3200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124524
MS3002SE/01    3200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124635
MS4002S/01   4200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124528
MS4002S/M01  4200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124530
MS4002SDR/01   820g/4200g 0.1g/0.01g 170x200mm 11124531
MS4002SDR/M01  820g/4200g 0.1g/0.01g 170x200mm 11124533
MS6002S/01   6200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124537
MS6002S/M01  6200g 0.01g 170x200mm 11124539
MS6002SDR/01   1220g/6200g 0.1g/0.01g 170x200mm 11124540
MS6002SDR/M01  1220g/6200g 0.1g/0.01g 170x200mm 11124542
MS6001S/01   6200g 0.1g 190x226mm 11124561
MS6001S/M01  6200g 0.1g 190x226mm 11124563
MS8001S/01   8200g 0.1g 190x226mm 11124564
MS8001S/M01  8200g 0.1g 190x226mm 11124566
MS8001SE/01    8200g 0.1g 190x226mm 11124662
MS12001L/01   12200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124573
MS12001L/M01  12200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124575
MS16001L/01   16200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124576
MS16001L/M01  16200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124578
MS16001LE/01    16200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124671
MS32001L/01   32200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124588
MS32001L/M01  32200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124590
MS32001LE/01    32200g 0.1g 351x245mm 11124683
MS32000L/01   32200g 1g 351x245mm 11124701
MS32000L/M01  32200g 1g 351x245mm 11124703
MS32000LE/01    32200g 1g 351x245mm 11124704

ModelFirst Step ApprovedIP65USBCapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
MS15KLE/01   15kg 2g 351x245mm 11124713
MS15KLIPE/01   15kg 2g 351x245mm 11124734
MS24KLIPE/01   24kg 2g 351x245mm 11124740
MS30KLE/01   30kg 2g 351x245mm 11124722

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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