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Mettler Toledo Classic ML Balances

The mobile all-rounder, for precise weighing at a cost-effective price

Precise results, comfortable operation and portability in a compact design: Basic balances from New Classic ML range are your convenient companion. We offer you METTLER TOLEDO quality and the best performance for your budget. For the first time METTLER TOLEDO implemented the proven and reliable MonoBloc weighing technology in portable balances - for precise results wherever you need them. For added security, with just one keystroke adjust the balance using the internal adjustment weight. The streamlined and ridgefree design makes the balance easy to clean, and operating the balance is very simple, thanks to the intuitive keypad and brilliant display. New Classic ML balances offer Swiss precision on-the-go and are a smart choice in any situation.

  Precise results - Results matter, which is why every METTLER TOLEDO balance is built to deliver the precise results you need.

  Compact and portable - With or without power supply - every model from the New Classic ML range can be battery or AC operated. Giving you always access to many applications and precise results.

  Affordable - for all budgets - Your investment in a NewClassic ML balance will pay itself off: METTLER TOLEDO quality withstands the most demanding requirements

Data Sheet

ModelEC Type ApprovedFirst Step ApprovedInternal CalibrationCapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
ML203/01   220g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124809
ML203/M01  220g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124811
ML303/01   320g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124818
ML303/M01  320g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124820
ML503/01   520g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124836
ML503/M01  520g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124838
ML802/01   820g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124860
ML802/M  820g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124862
ML1602/01   1620g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124872
ML1602/M  1620g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124874
ML3002/01   3200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124884
ML3002/M  3200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124886
ML4002/01   4200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124890
ML4002/M  4200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124892
ML2001/01   2200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124902
ML2001/M  2200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124904
ML4001/01   4200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124914
ML4001/M  4200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124916
ML6001/01   6200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124926
ML6001/M  6200g 0.1g 170x190mm 11124928
ML203E/01    220g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124815
ML303E/01    320g 0.001g Ø120mm 11124824
ML802E/01    820g 0.01g Ø160mm 11124863
ML1502E/01    1520g 0.01g Ø160mm 11124875
ML3002E/01    3200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124887
ML4002E/01    4200g 0.01g 170x190mm 11124893
ML6001E/01    6200g 0.1g Ø160mm 11124929

ModelEC Type ApprovedCapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
ML54/01  52g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124770
ML54/M01 52g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124772
ML104/01  120g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124776
ML104/M01 120g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124778
ML204/01  220g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124782
ML204/M01 220g 0.1mg Ø90mm 11124784

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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