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Mettler Toledo PL-L Classic Light Balances

Portable Weighing for Limited Budgets

Classic Light PL-L balances offer everything you need to obtain accurate results - without unnecessary features and extras. Handy and compact in design, they offer no compromise on precision and performance.

  Compact - Save working space thanks to the compact footprint and clever design.

  Portable - Every PL-L model can be both AC and battery operated. The built-in battery slot fits 4 standard AA batteries. Ideal for work whenever a power supply is hard to find.

  For limited budgets - The PL-L portable balances offer you reliable results and METTLER TOLEDO quality at a price that is within your means.

  Built-in applications - Easy to use application programs are built-in like Piece Counting, Percent Weighing and Recall.

Data Sheet

ModelFirst Step ApprovedRS232CapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
PL202-L/00   210g 0.01g �120mm 12106440
PL202-L/01  210g 0.01g �120mm 12106441
PL402-L/00   410g 0.01g �120mm 12106445
PL402-L/01  410g 0.01g �120mm 12106446
PL602-L/00   610g 0.01g �120mm 12106450
PL602-L/01  610g 0.01g �120mm 12106451
PL602-L/M00  610g 0.01g �120mm 12106606
PL602-L/M01 610g 0.01g �120mm 12106453
PL601-L/00   610g 0.1g �160mm 12106455
PL601-L/01  610g 0.1g �160mm 12106456
PL601-L/M00  610g 0.1g �160mm 12106485
PL601-L/M01 610g 0.1g �160mm 12106458
PL1001-L/00   1100g 0.1g �160mm 12106460
PL1001-L/01  1100g 0.1g �160mm 12106461
PL2001-L/00   2100g 0.1g �160mm 12106465
PL2001-L/01  2100g 0.1g �160mm 12106466
PL4001-L/00   4100g 0.1g �160mm 12106470
PL4001-L/01  4100g 0.1g �160mm 12106471
PL6001-L/00   6100g 0.1g �160mm 12106475
PL6001-L/01  6100g 0.1g �160mm 12106476
PL6001-L/M00  6100g 0.1g �160mm 12106610
PL6001-L/M01 6100g 0.1g �160mm 12106478
PL6000-L/00   6100g 1g �160mm 12106480
PL6000-L/01  6100g 1g �160mm 12106481
PL6000-L/M00  6100g 1g �160mm 12106611
PL6000-L/M01 6100g 1g �160mm 12106483

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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