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Mettler Toledo FiveGo Portable Meter

The mobile introduction to the world of pH

5 x 5 reasons for FiveGo:

5 x outstanding price/ performance ratio

  METTLER TOLEDO quality for reliable measurements
  Compact design . also ideal for users with smaller hands; easy replacement of batteries
  IP54 protection against dust and water
  Over 60 years of sensor know-how are also included in entry-level instruments
  Electrode clip, wrist strap and ?gQuick guide?h are included as standard with every instrument; electrode and calibration sachets are included in the field kit version together with a carrying case including 4 sample bottles

5 x self-explanatory buttons for the simplest, intuitive operation

  Simple start and finish of measurements and calibrations
  Fast changeover between pH and mV parameters, or between conductivity, TDS and salinity
  Intuitive adjustment of settings
  Saving and accessing of measurements and calibration data at the push of a button
  Separate on/off switch

5 x useful information on a large, well organized display

  Simultaneous display of measurement, temperature and endpoint recording
  Electrode icon: provides information on the condition of the electrode
  Calibration/measurement icon: indicates that the instrument is calibrating/measuring
  Setup icon: settings can be modified
  Battery icon: provides information about the condition of the battery

5 x useful accessories

  Electrode clip can be attached to the left or right-hand side of the instrument
  Wrist strap for additional security during transport
  ?gQuick guide?h . laminated, in case of spills
  A variety of electrodes for various applications, calibration solutions and cleaning solutions
  Handy carry bag with space for instrument, electrode, buffer bags, 4 sample bottles, operating manual, ?gQuick guide?h and spare batteries

5 x superb functionalities

  Data storage for 30 measurements
  Automatic or manual termination of a measurement or calibration
  Automatic or manual temperature compensation
  Automatic calibration with predefined pH buffer groups or predefined conductivity standards
  Automatic buffer recognition during pH calibration

Suitable for a wide variety of applications:

  Water - Whether in a lake or a sewage plant - compliance to certain pH and conductivity values in water is vital for the sustainability of all life, be it human, plant or animal.

  Agriculture - The pH value of arable land must be monitored regularly to protect people and the environment from potential dangers and to create ideal conditions for growing agricultural products.

  Industry - The pH and conductivity of cooling and cleaning water as well as the manufactured products themselves must be tested during the manufacturing process - to guarantee a high level of quality in the finished products, to keep manufacturing costs down and to protect manufacturing equipment from corrosion and other damage.

  Beverages - pH value must be monitored during various processing stages involved in the production of beverages to ensure that the final product has the desired flavor.

  Foodstuffs - Yogurt, cheese, fish, meat, sauces …the number of samples is virtually endless, but all have one thing in common: The pH value must be kept at the optimum level so that quality and freshness of the products is guaranteed.

Data Sheet

Part Numbers

  FG2 Basic pH instrument incl. electrode clip, wrist strap, operating manual, "Quick guide", 4 x batteries 51302900

  FG2 Kit Instrument and accessories as with FG2 Basic, also with LE438 pH electrode, IP54 connection caps, 2 x pH 4.01 and 2 x pH 7.00 buffer sachets 51302901

  FG2 Food Kit Instrument and accessories as with FG2 Basic, also with LE427 puncture pH electrode, IP54 connection caps, 2 x pH 4.01 and 2 x pH 7.00 buffer sachets 51302906

  FG2 Field Kit Instrument and accessories as for FG2 Kit, also with carry bag incl. 4 sample bottles 51302902

  FG3 Basic Conductivity instrument incl. electrode clip, wrist strap, operating manual, "Quick guide", 4 x batteries 51302903

  FG3 Kit Instrument and accessories as with FG3 Basic, also with LE703 conductivity probe, IP54 connection caps, 2 x 1413 µS/cm and 2 x 12.88 mS/cm standard sachets 51302904

  FG3 Field Kit Instrument and accessories as for FG3 Kit, also with carry bag incl. 4 sample bottles 51302905

  LE407 Robust plastic pH electrode with gel electrolyte, suitable for simple applications and easy samples such as water; low-maintenance 51340330

  LE409 Glass pH electrode with liquid electrolyte for simple and rapid measurements in the laboratory, aqueous samples such as acids, bases etc.; refillable electrolyte 51340331

  LE420 Glass electrode with ground-joint diaphragm for demanding, "dirty" samples such as waste water, emulsions (e.g. milk), oily samples; refillable electrolyte 51340332

  LE427 Robust puncture pH electrode with protective plastic cover, suitable for measurements of food and other solids; low-maintenance gel electrolyte 51340333

  LE438 3-in-1 plastic electrode with integrated temperature sensor for field use, samples with fluctuating temperatures; low-maintenance 51340242

  LE501 Glass ORP electrode for lab use 51340338

  LE510 Robust plastic ORP electrode for field use, e.g. swimming pools 51340339

  LE703 Robust conductivity probe for medium to high conductivities (10 µS/cm … 500 mS/cm) 51340335

  NTC 30 kOhm Separate temperature sensor 51300164

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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