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Mettler Toledo PL-S Classic Light Balances

High-precision portable balances

Classic Light PL-S balances offer accurate results, practical operation and Swiss quality in a compact design. The PL83-S, one of the smallest mg-balances in the market, is an ideal solution when precision is needed but space is limited. Furthermore, the built-in application programs enhance the PL-S to a portable all-rounder.

  Compact Design - Handy and compact design, without compromising on precision and performance. Large weighing pan for convenient working.

  Portable and rechargeable - Every PL-S model can be AC or battery (also with optional rechargeable batteries) operated, making the balance ideal for work whenever power supply is hard to find.

  Recall weight and Free factor - At the press of a button the value of the most recent stable weight value can be recalled. Now the transcription can be easily checked an unlimited number of times. The Free Factor makes multiplying results with a constant as easy as can be.

  High-precision models - PL83-S is one of the most compact mgbalances available in the market. The ideal solution, when precision is needed but space is limited.

Data Sheet

ModelFirst Step ApprovedRechargeable BatteryRS232Interfact for 2nd DisplayCapacityReadabilityPlatformItem No
PL83-S/00     81g 0.001g �100mm 12110070
PL83-S/03   81g 0.001g �100mm 12110073
PL83-S/M03  81g 0.001g �100mm 12110575
PL83-S/10    81g 0.001g �100mm 12110075
PL83-S/13  81g 0.001g �100mm 12110078
PL83-S/M13 81g 0.001g �100mm 12110576
PL202-S/00     210g 0.01g �120mm 12110000
PL202-S/03   210g 0.01g �120mm 12110003
PL202-S2/M03  210g 0.02g �120mm 12110507
PL202-S/10    210g 0.01g �120mm 12110005
PL202-S/13  210g 0.01g �120mm 12110008
PL202-S2/M13 210g 0.02g �120mm 12110508
PL602-S/00     610g 0.01g �160mm 12110040
PL602-S/03   610g 0.01g �160mm 12110043
PL602-S/M03  610g 0.01g �160mm 12110545
PL602-S/10    610g 0.01g �160mm 12110045
PL602-S/13  610g 0.01g �160mm 12110048
PL602-S/M13 610g 0.01g �160mm 12110546
PL802-S/00     810g 0.01g �160mm 12110101
PL802-S/03   810g 0.01g �160mm 12110103
PL802-S/M03  810g 0.01g �160mm 12110606
PL802-S/10    810g 0.01g �160mm 12110105
PL802-S/13  810g 0.01g �160mm 12110108
PL802-S/M13 810g 0.01g �160mm 12110607
PL1502-S/00     1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110050
PL1502-S/03   1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110053
PL1502-S/M03  1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110555
PL1502-S/10    1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110055
PL1502-S/13  1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110058
PL1502-S/M13 1510g 0.01g �160mm 12110556
PL601-S/00     610g 0.1g �160mm 12110010
PL601-S/03   610g 0.1g �160mm 12110013
PL601-S/M03  610g 0.1g �160mm 12110515
PL601-S/10    610g 0.1g �160mm 12110015
PL601-S/13  610g 0.1g �160mm 12110018
PL601-S/M13 610g 0.1g �160mm 12110516
PL1501-S/00     1510g 0.1g �160mm 12110020
PL1501-S/03   1510g 0.1g �160mm 12110023
PL1501-S2/M03  1510g 0.2g �160mm 12110527
PL1501-S/10    1510g 0.1g �160mm 12110025
PL1501-S/13  1510g 0.1g �160mm 12110028
PL1501-S2/M13 1510g 0.2g �160mm 12110528
PL3001-S/00     3100g 0.1g �160mm 12110090
PL3001-S/03   3100g 0.1g �160mm 12110093
PL3001-S2/M03  3100g 0.2g �160mm 12110597
PL3001-S/10    3100g 0.1g �160mm 12110095
PL3001-S/13  3100g 0.1g �160mm 12110098
PL3001-S2/M13 3100g 0.2g �160mm 12110598
PL6001-S/00     6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110060
PL6001-S/03   6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110063
PL6001-S/M03  6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110565
PL6001-S/10    6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110065
PL6001-S/13  6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110068
PL6001-S/M13 6100g 0,1g �160mm 12110566
PL8001-S/00     8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110111
PL8001-S/03   8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110113
PL8001-S/M03  8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110616
PL8001-S/10    8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110115
PL8001-S/13  8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110118
PL8001-S/M13 8100g 0,1g �160mm 12110617
PL6000-S/00     6100g 1g �160mm 12110030
PL6000-S/03   6100g 1g �160mm 12110033
PL6000-S/M03  6100g 1g �160mm 12110535
PL6000-S/10    6100g 1g �160mm 12110035
PL6000-S/13  6100g 1g �160mm 12110038
PL6000-S/M13 6100g 1g �160mm 12110536

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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