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LSI LASTEM Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter

  Quick, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor WBGT index.
  Additional Heat Index, Humidex index calculation.
  Support for ISO7730 thermal comfort analysis with PMV-PPD indexes, heat and cold stress Predicted Heat Strain (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ).
  Built-in radio technology for simultaneous, wireless monitoring in different locations/heights.
  Rated IP54 to withstand harsh environmental conditions even outdoor.

LSI LASTEM's Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter includes the global temperature, dry bulb temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb temperature and also displays online WBGT outdoor & indoor index, humidex and heat index.

The LSI LASTEM Heat Shield's incorporated radio technology allows it to support up to 2 satellite units to calculate the different levels of WBGT or in different locations. When it is equipped with an anemometer, this unit may be used for the very accurate analysis of thermal environments by means of the well advanced software that is accessible on the market for this specific requirement, GIDAS TEA.

The Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter is stable once it is placed on any surface that is horizontal, although it can be mounted or hand able on a standard photographic tripod. No configuration is needed by the PC. With the philosophy of on-and-play, the measurement may be displayed in a few seconds from the power on. HS Manager is the software that comes along with each Heat Shield unit in the LSI LASTEM range.

Rechargeable batteries ensure measurements can be taken for up to 400 hrs. The Heat Shield is very robust and compact and it is proposed to withstand any harsh environments too. IP54 guarantees protection in outdoors or in humid or dusty conditions.



LSI LASTEM Heat Shield Portable Wireless WBGT Meter


  Wet bulb temperature sensor Range: -20�60°C. Accuracy: ± 0.3°C
  Radiant temperature sensor Range: -20�60°C. Accuracy: ± 0.3°C
  Dry temperature sensor (including radiant shield) Range: -20�60°C. Accuracy: ± 0.8°C, ±0.4 °C (10-40°C)
  Anemometer. Indoor use (optional) Range: 0.01�20 m/s. Accuracy: ±10 cm/s (0,5�1,5 m/s) 4% (>1,5 m/s)
  Anemometer. Outdoor use (optional) Range: 0�75 m/s. Accuracy: 2,5%
  WBGT (indoor) index According to ISO7243
  WBGT (outdoor) index For up to 3 locations simultaneously (Requires Satellite units)
  Head-Torso-Ankle Weighted Average WBGT According to ISO7243 (Requires Satellite units)
  Heat index According to 1990 National Weather Service (NWS) Technical Attachment (SR 90-23)
  Humidex According to J.M. Masterton and F.A. Richardson of Canada's Atmospheric Environment Service equation (1979)
  PMV-PPD** According to ISO7730
  Predicted Heat Strain (PHS)** According to ISO7933
  Insulation Required (IREQ), Duration Limit of the exposition (Dlim)** According to ISO11079

** via post-processing GIDAS TEA software. Requires air speed measurement

  Acquisition rate 1 sec�12hrs
  Compatibility HS Manager (included), Gidas TEA (optional)
  Power supply 8 � 14 Vdc
  Battery 2 A (4.2 V) Lithio ricaricabile
  Battery life Standby: 9 months, Radio OFF: 200 hrs, Radio ON: 24 hrs
  Environmental limits -20�60 °C
  Protection IP 54
  Standards / Approvals CE Mark

Ordering Information

Heat Shield Modules

ELR615M Heat Shield base module. Large black globe sphere 15 cm (6") diameter. Real-time WBGT indoor & outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex.

ELR610M Heat Shield base module. Small black globe sphere 5 cm (2") diameter. Real-time WBGT indoor & outdoor index, Heat Index and Humidex.

ELR615S Heat Shield satellite module. Large black globe sphere 15 cm (6") diameter. Wireless connection to base module to calculate WBGT at different levels (ISO 7243: 1989) or in different locations.

ELR610S Heat Shield satellite module. Small black globe sphere, 5 cm (2") diameter. Wireless connection to base module to calculate WBGT at different levels (ISO 7243: 1989) or in different locations.


BVA304 Tripod
BWA048 Soft bag for tripod and supports
BVA325 Support for Heat Shield and ESV125 anemometer on tripods or surfaces
BVA326 Tripod extension for 3-level measurements and/or BVA308 mounting
BVA308 H.80 cm pole for DNA205 anemometer on tripod


ESV125 Hot wire anemometer
DNA205 Cup anemometer

GIDAS TEA modules

BSZ317 TEA module for hot environments. PHS index calculation. Calculator
BSZ313 TEA module for comfort environments. PMV-PPD index calculation. Calculator
BSZ315 TEA module for cold environments. ITR index calculation. Calculator

Carrying cases

BWA317 Carrying case for n.1 ELR610M and n.2 ELR610S modules plus accessories
BWA318 Carrying case for n.1 ELR615M and n.2 ELR615S modules plus accessories

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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