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LSI LASTEM Compact Wind Vane (DNA212)

With the highest mechanical strength and compact size, the LSI LASTEM Compact Wind Vane sensors are used specifically in strong applications of wind, as well as where the long reliability is required without any regular maintenance, as in surveys of wind turbine and wind farms.

The LSI LASTEM Compact Wind Vane is ideal for the light and portable AWS, as well as for the application of wind alarm where the both the wind direction and speeds are considered. In this case, the LSI LASTEM data loggers will detect the particular open digital outputs and alarm conditions when a wind speed is over the value of the program and when the wind direction flowing of the defined angle.

The LSI LASTEM DNA212 model works on the hall effect sensor principle with a threshold of 0.25 m/s, measuring range is 0-360 degree and uncertainty is 5 degrees. It is essential to select a well exposed place to fit the instrument. The World Meteorological Organization recommends that the Compact Wind Vane must be assembled 10m above the ground. It is also important to fit the instrument where it uninfluenced by any local obstructions. The installation of the LSI LASTEM Compact Wind Vane is easy if you follow the user manual and instruction provided by LSI LASTEM.

It offers all the required accessories such as cable, coupling bar and spare parts like bearing, vane and screw for the vane.



LSI LASTEM Compact Wind Vane (DNA212)


Wind direction

  Principle Hall effect transducer
  Measuring range 0�360°
  Threshold 0,25 m/s
  Uncertainty 5°

General information

  Output 0�1 V
  Connector 4 pin IP65 water tight connector
  Housing Anodized aluminum
  Power supply 10�14 Vdc
  Power consumption 10 mA
  Mounting Mast � 48 � 50 mm
  Operative temperature -35� +70°C (without ice)
  Data logger compatibility M-Log (ELO007-008), R-Log (ELR515),E-Log (all models)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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