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3M FH4 Welding Headtop

The FH4 welding headtop is a new product by 3M and is the latest addition to their comprehensive range of powered air headtops.

Designed for use in welding applications, the FH4 is specifically suitable for those seeking both respiratory and face protection. The FH4 is compatible with the Proflow 160 version and Tornado powered air units. The FH4 is also available for purchase with a choice of welding filters (ADFs) and a wide range of accessories.

The FH4 is priced competitively and is available in various configurations including ADF filter and blower ready packs.

The 3M FH4 is perfect for those looking for a ready-to-go respiratory welding solution.


  Stylish and modern
  Lightweight & comfortable with fully adjustable ratchet headgear
  Available with a choice of ADFs- 2500V & 5500V
  Available with hose options: PU stretch, EPDM (standard & long versions)
  Available with Tornado & Proflow 160 PAPR (Proflow 120 l/min users can upgrade to 160l/min via service centre


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2026674 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PROFLOW stretch PU hose
2028372 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PROFLOW longer EPDM hose


2026978 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO stretch PU hose & 2500V ADF
2026986 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO EPDM hose & 2500V ADF
2028376 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO longer EPDM hose & 2500V ADF


2027013 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO stretch PU hose & 5500V ADF
2027021 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO EPDM hose & 5500V ADF
2028380 FH4 WELDING HEADTOP including TOR/PRO longer EPDM hose & 5500V ADF


2027028 FH4 Welding headtop, Proflow 160 blower with comfort belt, PF10 filters, 2500V ADF, Hose sleeve, PU stretch hose
2027058 FH4 Welding headtop, Proflow 160 blower with comfort belt, PF10 filters, 2500V ADF, Hose sleeve, EPDM hose
2027053 FH4 Welding headtop, Proflow 160 blower with comfort belt, PF10 filters, 2500V ADF, Hose sleeve, Longer EPDM hose


2027321 Neck cape
2027322 Head cape
2026605 Scott 2500V ADF Western Europe
2026609 Scoot 5500V ADF Western Europe
2028479 Flame retardant hose cover
2027789 Spatter guard (10 pack)

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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