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Sabre Safety 7600 Sentinel VI Series Six Channel Controller

  4-20ma from two, three or four wire transmitters
  Direct output from a catalytic bead sensor. The Sentinel VI can be used with any Scott/Bacharach transmitter and catalytic bead head. Specifically, both the former Bacharach and Scott catalytic bead sensor heads can tie directly into the Sentinel VI when using the optional catalytic bead input module (p/n 093- 0218).
  RS-485 from a Scott Instruments Modbus transmitter Features
  Flexible outputs include common and individual relays, acknowledgeable horn relay, and 4-20 mA retransmission (optional).
  Built in local horn and lights (optional) Bright alarm LEDs for at-a-glance alarm status

The Sentinel VI Series 7600 receiver centralizes the display and alarm processing functions in critical multipoint gas monitoring applications. Its modular design easily integrates with most gas/ flame transmitters and provides excellent flexibility for a wide range of facilities and applications. Available in NEMA- 4X, 7, or custom enclosures.

Depending upon the specific model chosen, the Sentinel VI can accept three different types of signals in any configuration.

7600 Sentinel VI Series Six Channel Controller

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Sentinel 6 (7600) Sub-Assemblies & Electronics Spares

093-0214 Analog Input Board
093-0215 Analog Output Board
093-0216 I/O Controller Assembly (includes Aux Common Relay Board 093-0222)
093-0222 Aux Common Relay Board (mounts to 093-0216 main I/O PCB)
093-0271 Direct Catalytic Bead Input Board - requires the addition of 093-0297 (2) Channel catbead modules. An Input Board accepts three 2 channel modules (6 inputs).
093-0312 IC2 10ft cable Assy - used in interconnecting option boards when they are separated 38 by more than three feet. Please note that optional relay boards utilizing this cable must have a separate cable run to provide the 5 V. A two conductor 18 AWG wire is suitable.

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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